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  1. I shall get changed into a U2 T-shirt immediately! My SoI T-shirt is currently on it's way.
  2. Crystal Ballroom. I was even singing it in the shower - luckily there was no-one else at home to hear me!
  3. I'd like a meet-up. A gig journey would be fun if we get tickets for the next tour, but I'm trying not to think too much about that as I don't want to jinx anything!
  4. I got an email to say that my Songs of Innocence T-shirt has shipped! *happy dance*
  5. Your memory isn't going - it is a big mall-type thing and it's been extended a fair bit over recent times, but doesn't really have a proper name other than Telford Town Centre. The newest section is called Southwater One and it still does have a lake, they've just moved it a bit and made it look posh
  6. It's just called Telford Town Centre. It's certainly still there and the area around the lake has been rebuilt into some new restaurants and a nice shiny new library.
  7. Just graduated up to Babyface on the forums!

    1. Rhi_K


      :D onwards and upwards!
    2. pain_18_


      Congratulations !!!

  8. wow, that is awesome! Is there any way you can scan it and post it? I'll try and do so. Probably a good job I haven't done the puzzle yet otherwise you'd just see a mess of black ink! I've not tried adding an image to my post before so this'll be a bit of an experiment!
  9. It's a good song, shame about the price you have to pay to see him live in the UK in spring. It is a shame about the prices, which is why I'm not going. I can't go to many concerts - usually it's one every three or four years - so I have to prioritise artists/bands that I've not seen live before. I saw Oasis twice so I don't have any desperate need to go and see Noel's solo shows. I'm concentrating on saving up for U2.
  10. My local newspaper, the Shropshire Star, has a daily wordsearch as part of their page of puzzles. Today's theme for said wordsearch is U2 songs
  11. I'm currently enjoying Noel Gallagher's new single - although I'm wondering why on earth we have to wait until March for the album. March seems like a lifetime away!
  12. I've sent you my info. I did a postcard exchange with some writer friends from another site earlier in the year and that was a lot of fun. Looking forward to this.
  13. Still Haven't Found Discotheque Van Diemen's Land The Fly Numb All Because of You Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix) Gloria I Will Follow The Miracle It's so tough to pick, but that's my list at the moment.
  14. The bad part of today was having to go to hospital this morning for blood tests, but once that was over, I went on a short train trip to Shrewsbury and found the U2 book 'Wide Awake In America' in the market! I also came home with 2 other books for my growing collection of foreign language and language-learning books.
  15. A mix of both. I grew up hearing U2's music thanks to my older sister who introduced me to a lot of rock music when I was little, so I was kind of a casual fan to start with. I heard them on the radio and recognised the songs etc, then I got massively into Oasis when I was about 10. My pocket money went on them all through my teens and then after they split, I needed another band to obsess over and I was able to concentrate properly on collecting U2's albums and singles and getting to know more about them. Your sister clearly has great taste in music Welcome to the Zoo Rebecca (or do you
  16. 131. Check whether my black "concert trousers" still fit as it's been 4 years since I last wore them! 132. If they don't, then try to lose a little weight (or try and find a new pair with equally good pockets).
  17. OMG Rebecca, I'm from Telford! I can't believe I've found a local Zootop, this is awesome AND your favourite single is MY favourite too (though I haven't actually updated my profile...well...ever, so it doesn't say) little excited now! Don't be shy, it's great fun here So long time fan or new to the fold? Oh and big Zooey welcome to all the new folks A mix of both. I grew up hearing U2's music thanks to my older sister who introduced me to a lot of rock music when I was little, so I was kind of a casual fan to start with. I heard them on the radio and recognised the songs etc, th
  18. I often wake up with "Gloria" stuck in my head, but this morning's resident U2 song was "Song for Someone".
  19. I'm Rebecca from Telford, England. I joined at the start of this year but am just making my first posts in the Zoo today. I tend to lurk, read a lot and not post much, but I will try and get over my shyness!
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