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  1. 45, 331 - It's been very busy at the library so far this week. And now I'm feeling silly as I've just realised I've somehow borrowed two copies of the same book without noticing that I already had it. The really silly part was that I only noticed by looking at an online list of my library loans. I somehow did *not* notice by looking at the two piles of my current library books #bookwormproblems
  2. 45, 330 - Sunday night counting. Back to the library tomorrow... I wonder how many reservations will be waiting to be sorted out? 📚
  3. 45, 329 - I'm not convinced the current US president *has* a brain... Or if he does, then there's clearly something wrong with it. No-one wants a conflict of any sort, yet he seems hell-bent on trying to start one. Just to make himself feel big and important
  4. 45, 326 - Evening counting now that I'm home. I predict that, for me, this year will be full of books - as usual
  5. 45, 324 - I've been listening to the tracks on Spotify since seeing the film, so I already know the titles themselves, but I thought it was interesting to see the CDs take that step - even though most people presumably don't buy or stream the soundtrack until after they've seen the film anyway. And yes, the Episode I soundtrack did drop a clanger I think Mr Williams and co have learned from that.
  6. I finally added Nevermind by Nirvana to my CD collection. I was too young to know about them at the time, and had never really got round to listening to them before. But over the last few months, I've been exploring more of that early 90s rock and grunge on Spotify - partly prompted by the novel I'm working on, which is set in that era. Then my best friend got me a HMV gift card for Christmas. Today I spent it and my CD collection feels a little more... caught up. I'm also wondering how the heck I'd never got into Foo Fighters before now. Can I blame Oasis for distracting me (and eating my money) for all those years?
  7. 45, 322 - New Year's Eve counting while I add the latest CDs to the computer. The new Star Wars soundtrack is *so* determined not to give away potential spoilers, there's no track listing on the back
  8. 45, 321 - Frazzled counting. I went out shopping with my dad today and the retail park was so busy, it took three quarters of an hour to get out of the car park I couldn't see any sign of an accident or anything, just the sheer volume of traffic!
  9. I'm really enjoying reading these posts and seeing the photos of your journey. Thank you for sharing them with us.
  10. 45, 317 - I don't go back until after New Year, but I have a heap of books to try and get through that need to go back on the 2nd
  11. 45, 313 - I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. Today will be spent rearranging my bookshelves (again) to accommodate the new books
  12. 45, 311 - Christmas Eve counting. The library was *so* quiet this morning, I read 200 pages of my book
  13. 45, 310 - It has been very mild so far - I didn't even have to wear my gloves today
  14. 45, 308 - Saturday evening is a nice time to count. Especially when you have new trading cards *and* a new novel from a favourite author - which snuck out so quietly, I didn't even know about it until I found it in the library today!
  15. 45, 307 - Tea-time counting while I try and finish another library book.
  16. 45, 306 - Very early morning counting now that I'm home from Star Wars. Staying spoiler free, but I liked it.
  17. 45, 304 - Excited Star Wars nerd counting. Going to a triple bill this evening so I can see the new one at midnight. I'm even wearing my Star Wars Christmas jumper
  18. 45, 303 - @pain_18_ is very good at counting the round numbers
  19. 45, 296 - Adding another number now that I've finished another library book. Although I've still got a lot more to try and get through over the Christmas break. I really should stop taking out so many at the same time
  20. 45, 294 - We're getting towards another round number
  21. 45, 287 - I can't fathom it either. Maybe they've been in power so long that some people literally can't imagine any different? And the media constantly brainwashing people and smearing all the other parties doesn't help. Also, one of my friends was turned away from their polling station at 9.15pm (along with several other would-be voters). The staff said they were "closing early". Which is not allowed So it's possible the result is not entirely honest if other places were also employing these kinds of devious tactics. I mean, I hear from American friends about these sorts of tactics being used in recent years and now it seems the dirty tricks are spreading over here along with Johnson trying to copy the current US leader even as he's possibly (hopefully) being thrown out of office.
  22. 45, 285 - Well, it would be more convenient than some of the further afield options Especially if they do become independent and stay in the EU. But that could take a while to all shake out.
  23. 45, 283 - Deflated counting. This morning, I actually talked with my Dad about whether emigrating is a feasible option. I've lived in the same house all my life, but that's what it's got to. I cannot stomach another 5 years of misery under the current government. No idea if we can actually afford it, but we're going to start investigating the possibility.
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