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  1. Two deaths today that hit hard. Firstly, Carlos Ruiz Zafon. One of my favourite authors, best known for "The Shadow of the Wind". He was only 55 and had been receiving treatment for cancer: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-53107010 And it's also just been announced that actor Sir Ian Holm has died, aged 88. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53110391 "Farewell, dear Bilbo"
  2. 45, 522 - Night-time counting, adding one more number before I go to bed.
  3. 45, 520 - I've sorted things out (hopefully) with one sister, but the other one doesn't want to know. On the upside, I have finished another library book today - which means I've read all but one of the huge pile I had at the start of lockdown
  4. 45, 517 - Normalcy is much needed. I had a horrible day yesterday and now it feels like most of my family hates me Yes, maybe I misunderstood what my nephew posted on FB, but there's no need for all of them to pile in and attack me to the point I'm now scared to log back in even to post an apology. Or to try and ring any of them. My Dad tried ringing my eldest sister last night and she wouldn't even listen to him. It just seems like I can't do anything right. And they don't understand how much it hurts when they all turn against me like that. Especially when, at other times, my sist
  5. Technically this is from last night, but our Star Wars trading card collectors group held a special sketchfest this week to raise money for Black Lives Matter. Last night, the total was announced - and we raised $3,400 US dollars. One of the group moderators posted some screenshots of him making the final donation after we'd sent him our individual contributions. Everyone who donated will also receive a sketch card from one of the artists in our group. It feels good to have been able to help in some small way. And it's lovely to see how our group works together and does positive thi
  6. 45, 515 - Weekend counting while my 2DS is charging. Again To be fair, I've been playing a lot more than normal recently
  7. 45, 511 - Happy counting with added most excellent air guitar! *ahem* Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone. And happy Bill and Ted Day 🎸
  8. We finally have a first trailer for Bill and Ted Face the Music. And it looks good 🎸🎸🎸 It's always tricky making a sequel so many years after the previous film in a series, but this one looks like it's got the right vibe. It helps that they've got the same writers back on board. Now I just hope the cinemas will be open in time. Assuming it still hits the planned August release date...
  9. 45, 507 - Late-night counting. Considering I couldn't go anywhere or meet up with my friends to celebrate it, I've still had a really nice birthday
  10. In my novel it is only 1990, so you could say I'm using the technology of the time Also, my computer has a nasty habit of freezing and crashing, so this will help until I can afford to replace it.
  11. A small thing, but I finally got my electronic typewriter working today. It took me half a page to figure out punctuation and I still can't get the margins right, but I finally have a way to type up my novel without being distracted by the internet (Which feels especially important at the moment given how overwhelming and distressing social media can be. As my best friend put it: "My desire to stay informed is at war with my wish to stay sane.") I have typed up 2 pages of novel today. Messy and with plenty of typos, but it's a start. And I love that classic typewriter font.
  12. 45, 505 - It's been hot here too - feels more like July or August. And stupid, selfish people have been crowding into local nature areas and causing problems. Leaving horrible amounts of litter, causing fires with barbecues... you'd think they'd never been outdoors before Not to mention they've caused a new spike in Covid cases because none of them are distancing
  13. 45, 503 - It was sunny enough here that we got all the washing dried Although it might rain tomorrow as my Dad plans to do some gardening. It usually rains if he so much as *thinks* about doing gardening
  14. 45, 501 - I know how much you like your round numbers
  15. 45, 497 - Getting close to another nice round number
  16. I received the art prints I bought at a virtual Star Wars convention at the start of this month. Both artists also included extra prints in the parcels as a thank-you present, which I thought was lovely of them. And the cards I wrote about in the previous post arrived on May the 4th
  17. 45, 496 - Evening counting. I've mostly spent today admiring my new art prints which arrived today Our Star Wars card trading group held a virtual convention over on FB from 2nd-4th of May and I bought 3 prints from two artists. Both of them also sent me extra prints as a thank-you gift. In the case of the John Wick print, the additional Yoda and Leia also made sure my parcel was Star Wars-relevant (although we *could* buy non-Star Wars art if we wanted).
  18. 45, 492 - Late afternoon counting. I've found my Spanish exercise book from my uni course and there's plenty of pages left, so I've done a couple of reading/comprehension exercises to start filling it up I also discovered I still have red and green pens that actually work
  19. 45, 490 - The theory with the cat is easier to understand Seriously though, such unclear guidelines are dangerous. I'm not going back to the library until all the MPs think it's OK to go and crowd back into Parliament. People are still catching this virus and dying from it - I don't want to risk being one of them. Or to risk anyone I know catching it.
  20. 45, 485 - Nearly tea-time counting. I'm determined that I *will* finish my current book today. So far, it's taken me at least a week to get halfway through.
  21. 45, 483 - Counting in here before I start counting my latest set of trading cards, which arrived yesterday. You have to applaud the postal service for managing to deliver my box of Star Wars cards... on Star Wars Day. I was able to open them in the middle of my annual film marathon And @peterferris8 I badly need to catch up with both Clone Wars and Rebels. Haven't seen any of either yet and haven't got Disney Plus.
  22. I've been able to order a box of Star Wars trading cards that I didn't think were available over here in the UK. Now I just have to see how long it takes for them to arrive. I might consider them essential to my collection, but Amazon probably doesn't agree with me in the current climate. Although opening and sorting cards is a great boredom-buster
  23. 45, 479 - Same here @Malahide In the UK, we have probably the worst death toll in Europe And there are still people not obeying lockdown rules: one couple from my town drove over 80 miles to the Welsh coast the other day. A day out at the seaside does *not* count as an essential journey
  24. 45, 477 - Middle of the week counting. @caz63 Losing pets is always hard - especially when you've had them as long as that. We had our dog for 12 years and he was a rescue too. He grew from being the shy, quiet one at the rescue centre to being a loving, daft brush of dog. At least you know that yours had a lovely, happy life with you. Maybe some day you'll feel ready to do the same for another one *hugs*
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