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  1. I received my BluRay of the latest Star Wars film in this morning's post Nicely timed with May the 4th not far off...
  2. 45, 475 - I'm only listening to the news once or twice each day so I don't get overwhelmed. Currently feeling nice and epic as I'm listening to the Star Wars main theme/opening from The Last Jedi
  3. 45, 473 - Evening counting. @peterferris8 Wasn't it the last song that Joey listened to before he died? I seem to remember reading that somewhere. I've been listening to my Latin music playlist today - and hearing songs I'd forgotten I even saved onto it
  4. 45, 469 - The UK death toll is over 12,000 and the official numbers are only counting those who die in hospital, so the real number is even higher than that. There are a lot of cases in care homes that are not being counted, for example. And staff *still* don't have enough equipment. Two of my neighbours work in an elderly care home and I'm especially scared for them
  5. 45, 467 - Here, it's nice and sunny again today, although last night we did have a very half-hearted attempt at a thunderstorm. Literally, there was one flash of lightning, one rumble of thunder and that was it. Most rubbish thunderstorm ever - almost like the weather couldn't be bothered
  6. As a big Formula 1 fan, this one hits especially hard Sir Stirling Moss has died, aged 90. I've only ever seen archive footage of him, but he's widely regarded as one of the best drivers of all time - even though he never won the F1 title. He drove in several other categories of motorsport besides F1 and excelled in them. He continued to drive in vintage rallies and similar events until 2016 and always came across as a thoroughly decent bloke. One of the reasons he never won a championship in F1 is *because* he was such a nice bloke - one of his title rivals was accused of an on-track dr
  7. 45, 463 - Easter Sunday counting and I'm going to have to post in the RIP Thread again Although thankfully, I don't think it was Covid-19 in Sir Stirling Moss's case.
  8. I feel like crying (in a good way) at the goodwill of people in the trading card group I'm part of. It's a Facebook group for trading Star Wars cards and today, one relatively new member posted that they had hit a printing plate featuring my favourite character Poe Dameron. She was willing to sell it, but printing plates are one-offs and routinely go for anywhere from US$100-250. I don't have that kind of money. I asked the seller if she would let me pay in installments, she said she would think about it and see what other people were able to offer. One of the group moderators then
  9. 45, 462 - More sunny weather today - although I had to double-check what day it is You'd think the fact it's bin-day would have helped me work that out...
  10. 45, 460 - Similar weather here. Although they had snow up in Scotland a few days ago
  11. 45, 458 - Sunny here too, if a bit windy now. Earlier today, I travelled all the way to the exotic wilds of... the back garden I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't have a garden in this situation. I don't think ours has ever been so tidy!
  12. 45, 456 - Night-time counting. At least the counting does not stop. And neither does my writing. I wrote nearly 800 words today It's a nice cheerful story, my way of combatting all the scary stuff.
  13. 45, 454 - Palindrome number And yes, it is getting scary. Over here, there have been at least 6 doctors who have died while treating virus patients and hardly any of our health staff are able to get themselves tested. In one case, the doctor had come out of retirement to help his local hospital cope with the emergency
  14. 45, 452 - Night-time counting - and Spotify has just shuffled round to playing "Streets"
  15. 45, 449 - I have Spotify, but Dad and I have also been exploring to see what stations we can get on our digital radio Absolute Classic Rock is my favourite so far, even if they don't play as much U2 as I would like. But that's what my Spotify playlists are for
  16. 45, 441 - Evening counting. One good thing about being at home all day is that I can stay in my pyjamas all day if I want to Also, can I complain about the fact a "classic rock" radio station didn't play *one* U2 song in the 7 hours I listened to it today? They literally played everything else except U2. And I'm not sure I'd classify Nickelback or Green Day as "classic"
  17. 45, 435 - We are allowed out once a day if we need to do shopping/other essential things, but the main aim is to stop the virus spreading. Our hospitals are struggling to cope as it is, so by staying at home, we keep ourselves and others out of danger. At least there's finally time to get the gardening done The thing that brings home the scale of it all is that some of our major entertainment and sports venues are now being turned into temporary hospitals It's weird to see, but necessary. China and South Korea seem to have their cases under control, so that's a good sign.
  18. My Dad found a big pack of loo roll on the way home - just in time as we're now in lockdown here in the UK. And the guy who runs the local comic shop came to my house to deliver my latest batch of comics and a Funko Pop. I thought that was nice of him to do that for me. (I should stress that he put the bag on the doorstep and stood a safe distance away on the garden path )
  19. 45, 433 - Night-time counting and the UK is now on full-on lockdown. I'm normally deeply disorganised, but am now planning how to make the food and drink we have in the house last as long as we can. It's weird. My Dad is sitting watching TV, not really paying attention to the news and I'm the one trying to be organised to deal with it. I had my regular comics delivered to my house today, so that's some entertainment sorted
  20. 45, 432 - Counting before I go and make myself some lunch. At least being at home is meaning I keep to regular mealtimes. And making me aware of how much I normally snack between meals I'm doing my best to cut down on that so that the supplies will last longer.
  21. 45, 429 - My area had our first death yesterday We've not had a huge amount of confirmed cases locally, but then not everyone is able to get tested. It feels like our government is dithering and indecisive - and a worrying amount of people are not respecting instructions to stay at home.
  22. 45, 427 - Saturday morning and I have finished one book from my library pile. One lady came into the library yesterday and borrowed 29 books before we had to shut. That's one kind of stockpiling I *can* appreciate (Our local authority had doubled the amount people can borrow). It's a nice sunny day here, but trying to get some fresh air in the garden is being hampered by our neighbour stinking the place out with some less-than-legal cigarettes
  23. You know how everyone's posting songs to sing while you wash your hands? Scrolling through Twitter this morning, a friend had retweeted a post where someone they follow has completely rewritten "Smells Like Teen Spirit" into a whole song about the importance of hand-washing (and hygiene in general). Because no-one *really* wants to be contagious. So now I'm trying to memorise "Smells Like Clean Spirit". And sharing the heck out of the original post.
  24. 45, 425 - Our local libraries are closing from Friday, so now I really will be at home full-time. At least I will finally be able to read my current pile of library books... although it's going to be a nightmare when we re-open and have everyone returning them all at the same time
  25. 45, 423 - @peterferris8 Typical Tories for you - many businesses (especially small ones) etc are struggling as it is, but they don't care. On the upside, seeing all the bookshops etc supporting each other on social media is lovely. I've been to the library today, but we don't know how much longer we'll be staying open either. The lack of clarity is annoying - especially when you see the rest of Europe being decisive and acting quickly. At least this gives me an excuse to waive late fines for people I never like having to fine anyone, but having to quarantine for health reasons cle
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