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  1. 45, 225 - It was so foggy round my way this morning that I wore my hi-vis jacket while walking to the library. It's definitely winter.
  2. I received the parcel from my NaNo CD swap partner - and they've sent me 2 CDs. Hopefully I'll like what they've put on them
  3. 45, 219 - I wrote over 2500 words yesterday I stayed up late to watch the Formula 1 highlights and even did some writing in the advert breaks
  4. 45, 217 - Sunday counting as I get back into writing. Let's see how many words I have to count by the end of the day
  5. 45, 215 - Counting on a horrible rainy day. Seriously, why does it always rain when I have to go out? It feels like the weather is picking on me
  6. 45, 211 - That sounds scary At least you're recovering now.
  7. 45, 209 - Evening counting while I listen to the tennis. We're all glad you're back @pollyanna
  8. 45, 207 - Freezing cold counting while I count how many words I've written so far today.
  9. 45, 202 - Friday counting. I'm loving all the photos and clips from Auckland. Looks like it was an amazing, emotional night.
  10. I thought that clip was All Because of You as well - that would be amazing if they played that - it's one of my favourites. On Lego Rock Band, I even called my band "Intellectual Tortoise" after a line from the song Ultraviolet was played on all the dates of the 2017 tour, so it would make sense for that to be in there. I cried hearing it at Twickenham. And Miss Sarajevo. I don't know if they'll still do that on this tour, but i hope so. It's a beautiful song. Anyway, my good things for today: I picked up the starter pack for the new Lego Star Wars trading card set - and got an illustrated card of my favourite character in some packs of Journey to Rise of Skywalker cards The next couple of months are going to have me up to my ears in Star Wars cards!
  11. My IE CD set is on the way. I'm very tempted to sit here and try and track it via the postal website I went out early this morning and finally sent two pieces of post that I needed to send. One is the mix CD for my NaNo pen-friend in Canada. I hope they like it. And yes, it has a U2 song on there
  12. 45, 201 - Night-time counting. I managed to mention Joshua trees in today's installment of my novel draft - one character was travelling in that area And it is lovely seeing everyone's pictures and videos from NZ.
  13. 45, 200 - I get to count the nice round number Funnily enough, in today's writing, I managed one page where I wrote *precisely* 800 words! Today must be a day for round numbers.
  14. Lewis Hamilton got enough points to win his 6th world championship so I definitely enjoyed it. One more and he'll tie the all-time record
  15. I met my daily word goal - I'm actually about 500 words ahead of the recommended daily word goal for reaching 50,000 by the end of the month Let's hope I can keep that going through the rest of the month. Although technically, we're now into Sunday, so I need to get on and write another installment. But that can wait until a more civilised time of day I'm only up this late waiting for the Formula 1 highlights - the Grand Prix is in America this weekend, so the TV coverage is on much later than usual
  16. Nah, it's not bragging - I love that people like that were so accessible and that you got to benefit from it. Also, yay on finally getting your new dog! I've sorted through lots of trading cards today - both the US and UK editions of Journey to the Rise of Skywalker. Even if I did forget to put the parallels in with the US cards - I had to go back through and rearrange the whole lot But I got there in the end and have also done a good amount of writing. I only need another half a page by midnight to meet today's word goal.
  17. Amazing... and so glad you found the books safe and sound. For me, part of wanting a typewriter is because so many writers still have them, despite most of the world having moved on to computers and tablets and other devices. I think there's something very satisfying about being able to see the words going on to the paper right in front of you, immediately rather than with a computer where you have to type it all in, then print it out (and my printer does sometimes chew paper). Also with a typewriter, you can't get distracted by the internet I'm going to read the instruction book and try mine out later today (once I've sorted the trading cards off my desk and into their folders).
  18. I found a typewriter in a charity shop today. A nice and simple manual one that I can put on my desk and use - and it has a case if I want to take it anywhere. Given that today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, it feels like perfect timing to have finally found one.
  19. I'm not religious myself, but I do like the thought that people end up somewhere. Like when Peter Mayhew died, a lot of people posted the GIF from The Force Awakens of Chewbacca and Leia having a hug, that wherever he might be, Carrie would be there to welcome him. You like to think friends like that get reunited somewhere. And even if people didn't know each other in their lifetime, they maybe group together by what they did and have a chat with each other. I can just imagine all the musicians from throughout history hanging out together and geeking out trying all the different instruments. I think that's the thing about mourning someone - we get upset that person's gone, but we're thankful that they lived and that we were around to know about them and their work. And we hope that, whatever they believed or whatever we believe about what may or may not come next, they're at peace.
  20. 45, 197 - Late-night counting while I stay up and wait for midnight. Everyone else gets excited about Halloween - I'm more excited about a writing challenge
  21. 45, 195 - Counting while I listen to "Still Haven't Found" live version. Going to be lots of U2 songs today for Larry's birthday
  22. 45, 191 - Monday counting while I plan what to put on a mix CD. So far, all I know is it will start with a nice live version of "Streets". But what else should I put on it... 🤔
  23. I've been assigned a swap partner in a music exchange I'm taking part in. We start this year's NaNoWriMo writing challenge on Friday and someone on the NaNo forums thought it would be cool for some of us to swap mix tapes/CDs with fellow writers. I've done a postcard swap before, but this is the first time I've tried exchanging music. We've each been matched up with someone who's got roughly similar tastes, so fingers crossed. I'm really excited to see what the other person sends me as I like discovering new music. Now I just have to work out what to send them. I'll put some U2 on the CD of course
  24. I counted my trading cards and I do indeed have a base set of the latest Star Wars hobby set I bought a multipack of the UK version and got some nice cards in that too.
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