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  1. 39, 774 - I think the threat may have worked - it's not given me any trouble so far today
  2. 39, 772 - Sunny morning counting. Here's hoping my computer behaves itself today.
  3. 39, 768 - I agree. Machines are helpful when they work - but it can be a pain when they don't. It is 11.30pm here so I'm off to bed - once this Bon Jovi song has finished anyway Goodnight!
  4. I found an interesting book at the library book sale and it only cost me 50p
  5. 39, 766 - Slightly anxious evening counting as my computer has been playing up today Luckily I have my novel backed up and have been printing chapters as I go. (My shopping *did* include buying some snacks to share in the GA line )
  6. 39, 761 - Late lunchtime count now that I've got the shopping done
  7. 39, 755 - This why I love volunteering in the library. It's a great way to find new reading material while I'm sorting the shelves out - and I can catch up with my reading if it's quiet
  8. 39, 752 - New pages are always good. I'm currently adding new scenes (and pages) to my novel
  9. 39, 750 - Late night counting to reach the half-century
  10. 39, 747 - About to finish re-drafting Chapter 2 of my novel - and my music player just shuffled round to Hawkmoon 269 Love this song! All together now: "When the niiiiight has no end... and the daaaaay yet to beg - i - in... as the roooooom spins around..."
  11. Does the no bags policy only apply inside the stadium itself? I'm doing GA, plan to line up early and will be bringing food/water with me in a carrier bag. Surely they can't object to fans keeping themselves hydrated?
  12. I sorted out a trade with another Star Wars collector to send them some stickers that they need. It's always nice to be able to help someone with their set Oh yeah and... ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!
  13. 39, 735 - *pushes English rain over to Romania for @pain_18_ *
  14. 39, 731 - Lunchtime counting. I hope you get some rain soon @pain_18_ I would melt in such high temperatures!
  15. Counting down to Twickenham! :D :JoshuaTree_Tour_Trees:

  16. 39, 721 - About to start editing and redrafting my novel. This time I *will* remember to put page numbers in the document - I forgot them on the first version!
  17. 39, 718 - Rainy afternoon counting while I ponder which U2 song to listen to next...
  18. 39, 707 or is it 708 ? It's confusing when people come in and don't count. I never know whether to add another number or not I shall count 39, 708 as well to put us back on track.
  19. 39, 705 - Chilled-out evening counting. 40,000 is looking *very* close now
  20. 39, 702 - I always thought us English invented cricket? Admittedly I know very little about the history of it so I'm probably wrong.
  21. 39, 695 - I recently learned that Iceland has a cricket team too. I wonder if they do the Viking clap at matches like they do at the football?
  22. 39, 690 - Hopefully if fans keep speaking out, things will start to change soon.
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