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  1. 39, 562 - I'm at home so no-one's going to complain about me wearing them
  2. 39, 560 - I will probably have ice cream for lunch today. It's so sunny and warm that I'm wearing shorts! That doesn't happen very often
  3. 39, 550 - Early evening counting. I've done some writing today and am starting to revise one of my earlier novel drafts.
  4. 39, 543 - Morning counting now that I'm home from my blood test. It was all done very quickly and neatly so it didn't hurt
  5. 39, 533 - A little bit of counting each day keeps the doctor away
  6. I heard about this on local radio today. Unfortunately there are people out there who will take advantage of popular events to make money without a thought for those they are scamming. I hope the people responsible are tracked down and jailed. Duncan, glad to hear you've managed to get your money back.
  7. I went to a small art gallery/shop in the local shopping centre. There were some really beautiful, inspiring pieces - including one by a friend of mine. I also had a chat with the lady at the till about how I was just starting to experiment with making my own art and she was very encouraging.
  8. 39, 528 - Counting and feeling inspired today. I visited a small art shop/gallery in our local shopping centre and found that one of the pieces on sale is by a friend of mine She did a beautiful portrait in tribute to the NZ rugby player Jonah Lomu.
  9. 39, 523 - The Yorkshire accent can also be confusing. Although I have no problem if I go further north and up into Scotland.
  10. 39, 519 - Next step will be accent lessons. Even us English people can sometimes struggle to understand the Geordie accent
  11. 39, 498 - Adding one last number before I go to bed. Good night everyone.
  12. 39, 495 - I've been planning a project with my Dad. We're pondering attempting to travel to and walk around all of Britain's motor racing circuits. The idea was sparked by thinking about my earliest memories of watching my uncle race sidecars. That and seeing tracks on TV that I haven't been to yet. I could write about each of them too - travel writing and motorsport mixed into one
  13. 39, 486 - Relaxing afternoon counting. It's been a busy day so far, so now it's time to chill out with some U2
  14. 39, 477 - Night-time counting - while giggling myself silly at the pics of Sir Patrick Stewart doing a shoey on the podium with Dan Ricciardo after the Grand Prix. It takes a brave person to drink out of that sweaty, stinky shoe! https://twitter.com/F1/status/873992328553390080
  15. 39, 476 - Post-dinner counting while I follow the F1 updates Also, well done Rafa Nadal on La Decima!
  16. I spent yesterday at my eldest sister's wedding Such a lovely occasion and great to catch up with family that I haven't seen for ages. In the case of my cousin Martyn, I hadn't seen him in person for over 20 years!!! He was about 5 years old last time we saw him - no wonder my Dad didn't recognise him We've kept in touch on social media, but it was lovely to actually talk to him properly. And it was nice to meet my new brother-in-law's family too. The church service was nice, the food at the reception was brilliant, lots of happiness... a beautiful day all round. *And* I sti
  17. 39, 438 - Sunday morning counting now that I'm back from my sister's wedding. Rather shockingly, there were *no* U2 songs involved Not even "All I Want Is You"...
  18. 39, 414 - Back to counting after watching the tennis. *looks for a Rafa-style fist-pump emoji* will have to do instead
  19. 39, 401 - D'oh! I thought I got the round number, but @pain_18_ beat me to it
  20. 39, 399 - Not so happy here. Tories kept Telford so we're stuck with an MP who thinks it's OK to insult local people's intelligence - and who fabricates death threats to get attention Now, who's going to count the round number?
  21. 39, 396 - Late night counting. Goodnight Zootops
  22. 39, 393 - I'm sick of the Tories cutting everything to pieces. The only people that benefit from a Tory government are multi-millionaires. Us normal people are having our services gutted, healthcare, libraries - schools are struggling to afford books for students *and* the Tories want to take away free school meals from poor students. It makes me furious. My father is having to give financial help to his own colleagues. They work full-time, but are being forced to rely on foodbanks because wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. We're lucky - we have savings, but not everyone d
  23. 39, 390 - Counting on a sunny but windy evening. Feeling especially mighty because I persuaded my Dad to go and vote for the first time in ages People will be counting across the country later tonight - if only it counted towards this thread! We'd reach 40,000 even sooner.
  24. 39, 374 - About to get dressed then I shall go out and exercise my right to vote. For some strange reason, I have "People Have the Power" stuck in my head this morning... can't imagine why
  25. 39, 369 - U2 having trouble with Streets... that's hard to imagine now. These days it's the highlight of every show. Anyway, goodnight Zootops. If you're in the UK, don't forget to go and vote tomorrow
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