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  1. 39, 366 - Tooth problems are not pleasant, I hope you get it sorted *hug* Mine was just sorting out tablets and arranging a blood test. Luckily I'm not scared of needles so that doesn't bother me
  2. 39, 363 - More counting now that I'm back from the doctors. Listening to the JT30 live disc, I like it. Mainly because it has Streets which Paris 87 doesn't. It's always bugged me slightly that the only JT-era live disc didn't have Streets. Now we have one that does. Although this new one doesn't have the Shine Like Stars version of WOWY. Paris still wins in that respect
  3. 39, 357 - Been out and bought the new 2CD Joshua Tree set this morning
  4. 39, 338 - Inevitably I now want to listen to Discotheque
  5. 39, 336 - Sunny afternoon counting. Currently looking up directions so I know how to get to my sister's wedding venue at the weekend
  6. 39, 332 - Whisper it quietly but I think it's stopped raining round my way... I hope everyone is having a good day.
  7. I went as Poe Dameron from Star Wars Here's a photo (I'm on the right in the red/orange suit)
  8. 39, 326 - Very British rainy afternoon counting
  9. I attended a sci-fi convention and had a lot of fun Several people complimented me on my costume which was nice as it took a lot of hard work to make (and I'm still revising it as I get better at making the various parts)
  10. 39, 320 - Birthday counting. Leicester Comic-Con was good - found some more beautiful Star Wars art while I was there
  11. 39, 317 - That is very true, Malahide. I can devote more time to creative writing now that all the essays are out of the way.
  12. 39, 315 - Sunny afternoon counting After so much coursework, It feels weird having free time all of a sudden!
  13. My good thing for today - I completed the final exam of my degree! 5 years of hard work done and dusted. I just have to wait until July for the result now...
  14. 39, 310 - I'm listening to the live disc on Spotify now. I'll buy the CD just to have these live versions that I haven't already got yet.
  15. 39, 308 - Post-exam counting I think I messed up the first question, but feel confident I did well on the others. I finally have some free time!!
  16. 39, 304 - Listening to the updated U2 Spotify playlist with new live versions from the JT Anniversary edition Some chill-out time before final revision and the exam this afternoon.
  17. Well done Peter and good luck with the results. I have my final exam tomorrow (Friday). Can't quite believe 5 years of study is coming to an end.
  18. 39, 302 - Lovely weather here too - great for walking to and from the library
  19. 39, 295 - I've made notes on the advance sources.. feeling a bit more confident this morning. I will take my books to the library later and revise while I'm there Can't quite believe that by the end of tomorrow, my degree will be finished!
  20. 39, 285 - Star Wars is always cool Revision is finished for today and I watched the Paris IETour DVD for relaxation. I wonder if I can get a U2 reference into an exam about the Roman Empire?
  21. 39, 283 - Took a break from revision this morning. I had lunch in town and found some Star Wars Rogue One stickers that I didn't know were still available Now, back to revision and trying to remember which historian said what...
  22. 39, 269 - Hawkmoon post! Lovely pictures from the show! Taking a break from my exam revision and hoping I don't have to remember the architectural terms. My brain is melting.
  23. 39, 256 - I volunteer at the library on Thursdays I don't have a full-time paid job at the moment, but if all goes well, that may change soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the best!
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