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  1. 39, 028 - Sorting books on to a new bookcase is very therapeutic. Then I come back and find people on social media trying to use last night as an excuse to spout racism and hatred At least here in the counting thread, it is a safe, pleasant space
  2. And already on social media there are people trying to use it as an excuse to stir up racism and hatred before we even have a full picture of what happened or who did it This is where I don't like the modern 24-hours news culture - we don't need to see endless speculation and disturbing footage. Reporters need to focus on facts rather than chasing distressed witnesses. I will not put my TV on and watch that. I will minimise social media today because again, already there are people sharing clips without thinking of the distress they will cause. I hope that the missing people are found. M
  3. 39, 025 - Counting to try and distract myself from the horrible news One thing is for sure, events in Manchester will not put me off seeing U2 in July.
  4. 38, 972 - Posting one last number... while listening to One
  5. 38, 959 - The counting has been much better today
  6. 38, 956 - Still half an hour until noon here. Time-zones are funny things
  7. 38, 953 - I caved in and watched a video from last night's show. Couldn't help it
  8. 38, 946 - Adding one last number before I log off. Goodnight Zootops!
  9. 38, 943 - Evening counting. I've read 2 comics today - 4 left to catch up!
  10. 38, 941 - Afternoon counting. The good thing about the counting thread is that there are always other counters to sort it out if we go off track
  11. 38, 837 - Rainy morning here so I'm catching up on my comic pile - I've got 6 issues of 4 separate comic series to read and review. And yes, 3 of those are Star Wars series
  12. 38, 930 - Cooking can be tough. I'm trying to get back into baking at the moment. I don't think I've baked properly since Mum moved out. Part of the issue with dad is that he has to have all gluten-free food, which means lots of checking ingredient lists. But I've got GF flour so I can bake stuff for both of us. One set of cakes (or cookies) each
  13. 38, 928 - I had haddock with peas and potato. We don't often eat fish in our house, so it made a nice change. I'm trying to be more varied with food - my dad tends to make the same things each week, so I'm doing my best to learn some new recipes and encourage dad to be more adventurous with his meals
  14. 38, 921 - Finished a very tasty dinner so back to the counting!
  15. 38, 891 - Taking a break from revision activities. Tomorrow, I will tackle the specimen exam paper... assuming I can find 3 hours of sufficient peace and quiet in which to do so!
  16. We missed 38, 882! So there it is And the new logos... I'm almost speechless
  17. 38, 869 - Good morning Zootops. Hopefully the roof work will be finished so I can do my usual library shift today
  18. 38, 862 - Looks like I'm going to be dreaming of U2 emojis tonight
  19. 38, 858 - You'd think someone would have made some more U2-specific emojis by now. Mirrorball, Joshua Tree, Mr MacPhisto, lemons, the space (Achtung) baby... possibilities are endless!
  20. 38, 854 - Don't worry, I won't forget. (There really needs to be a mirrorball emoji among the Zoo options)
  21. 38, 846 - Just got back from having my eyes tested. I will have no problem seeing all the details at Twickenham
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