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  1. 38, 846 - Just got back from having my eyes tested. I will have no problem seeing all the details at Twickenham
  2. 38, 830 - Feeling all calm and peaceful after yoga class
  3. That's really cool Peter! Where/how can we get hold of it? We learnt a new pose in yoga this evening - and I managed to do the full version without falling over
  4. 38, 828 - I've had trading cards go missing in the post before - one trade partner got the letter I sent with them, but not the cards themselves. And then some cards that he sent me never arrived. Sadly I suspect someone in his local postal service is pinching them
  5. 38, 807 - Posting on a rainy morning. Got my final assignment result back last night and scored well so I'm happy. 76% is better than I was expecting so fingers crossed I can do as well in the exam.
  6. 38, 796 - Catching up on the updates and photos from last night. The eternal dilemma of whether to watch all the videos or keep some surprises for July...
  7. 38, 790 - Evening counting. I finished off the last proper block of coursework today. It is now officially revision time ahead of my exam.
  8. 38, 771 - Tour day!!! Let's hope Edge doesn't fall off stage this time.
  9. 38,747 - Afternoon counting - my shift at the library got cancelled. The roof work is behind schedule so it's not safe in there at the moment. I might get hit on the head by falling panels and no-one wants that
  10. 38, 745 - Counting on a nice sunny morning. Looking at photos from Vancouver on FB - congratulations to all the fans that have got autographs from Bono and Adam! I would probably faint if I met any of the band
  11. 38,731 - The number of pages in the thread has changed too -we were on page 54 or so, now we're down to 45... for a moment I thought we might have lost some posts! I shall take more time to explore the other changes after dinner
  12. 38, 715 - Evening counting after spending most of today up to my ears in Star Wars trading cards My first ever autograph and I got a sketch card too! Now I just need to find the 29 cards left to complete the base set. (US editions have a base set and "parallel" sets in various colours - I got nearly 30 parallel cards, green and blue versions of cards from the base set)
  13. 38,710 - Online is probably my best bet - when I have funds. I've just splashed out a heap this week on Star Wars 40th anniversary trading cards - the US set has been made available in Europe, which means we have the chance to get sketches, autographs and other types of card that the UK editions never have. All being well, my box should arrive on Monday
  14. 38, 707 - I would like to give that a go - but first I have to *find* the EE set of the third Hobbit film to complete the set
  15. I finally got hold of a Star Wars book I've been trying to find for FOUR YEARS!! It's the last one in a series and I've been itching to know how it ends - and I'll finally be able to move on to the 2 books that conclude the old "Legends" timeline. Definitely found what I was looking for
  16. 38,703 - Back online again today. I spent Star Wars Day watching all 8 films back-to-back. I wasn't sure if I could fit them all into one day, but I started Episode I at 6am and finished The Force Awakens just after 11pm
  17. 38, 683 - Late night counting while I still struggle with my essay. And we have an announcement on the subscriber's gift!! Finally
  18. 38,681 - I watched/listened to the rehearsal clip on FB and got goosebumps! So exciting
  19. 38,676 - Taking a break from essay-wrestling. I've written lots of essays in the last 5 years, but it never gets any easier!
  20. 38,671 - Sunny Bank Holiday counting. I found a new idea for my essay too! Just have to put together the evidence in a convincing fashion...
  21. 38,668 - Afternoon counting while I wrestle with case studies
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