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  1. 38,710 - Online is probably my best bet - when I have funds. I've just splashed out a heap this week on Star Wars 40th anniversary trading cards - the US set has been made available in Europe, which means we have the chance to get sketches, autographs and other types of card that the UK editions never have. All being well, my box should arrive on Monday
  2. 38, 707 - I would like to give that a go - but first I have to *find* the EE set of the third Hobbit film to complete the set
  3. I finally got hold of a Star Wars book I've been trying to find for FOUR YEARS!! It's the last one in a series and I've been itching to know how it ends - and I'll finally be able to move on to the 2 books that conclude the old "Legends" timeline. Definitely found what I was looking for
  4. 38,703 - Back online again today. I spent Star Wars Day watching all 8 films back-to-back. I wasn't sure if I could fit them all into one day, but I started Episode I at 6am and finished The Force Awakens just after 11pm
  5. 38, 683 - Late night counting while I still struggle with my essay. And we have an announcement on the subscriber's gift!! Finally
  6. 38,681 - I watched/listened to the rehearsal clip on FB and got goosebumps! So exciting
  7. 38,676 - Taking a break from essay-wrestling. I've written lots of essays in the last 5 years, but it never gets any easier!
  8. 38,671 - Sunny Bank Holiday counting. I found a new idea for my essay too! Just have to put together the evidence in a convincing fashion...
  9. 38,668 - Afternoon counting while I wrestle with case studies
  10. 38, 665 - Thanks for the good vibes everyone. No-one in my family has ever done a degree before so it's been a big step! Sadly I don't think I can fit any U2 references into an essay about the Roman Empire
  11. 38,661 - Posting between F1 practice sessions. I'm trying to come up with the introduction to my essay, but my brain doesn't seem to have woken up yet. It's the final assignment both for this module - and for my whole degree!! Just the exam to go now. Can't quite believe it, but 5 years of hard work is nearly over.
  12. 38 657 Hehe. That would be quite funny. Even better - get up on stage and request it 38,658 - A lot of fans did get on stage during IETour so you never know what might happen for this one... Goodnight Zootops.
  13. Yes! THIS^^^^ Cool. I can't afford to see them myself Maybe if the tickets were 50p? 38 654 38,656 - If it's any consolation Frankaz, if I manage to get anywhere near the front of GA, I will be sure to shout for Discotheque and let them know that some fans *do* like Pop
  14. 38,653 - Posting in a ball of hyperactivity as my tickets arrived today!!! Both sets of tickets for U2 + Noel at Twickenham *and* for a fan event on July 7th, they all arrived today!
  15. My tickets for Twickenham arrived!! As did the tickets for the fan event with December on the Friday night. Squealed like anything when I saw the envelopes!
  16. 38, 649 - Good morning! I've got Vertigo in my head now after reading your previous posts
  17. 38,644 - Afternoon/early evening counting. Amused by the fact my fellow Star Wars collector (who is in France) received the stickers today that I sent him - and I received the ones from him too. Well done French and English posties - very co-ordinated service
  18. 38, 626 - Morning counting before I get on with my coursework I hope everyone is well today.
  19. 38, 621 - We've been warned that we may get hail, thunderstorms and possibly even snow round my way this week... Snow. In April
  20. 38 616 I love those kind of trades..... 38, 617 - I'm part of a Star Wars trading group on Facebook and it's really good fun. In America, their card sets includes sketches and autographs - and we have some of the artists actually in our group! Sometimes, I feel a little jealous of the US collectors - especially when one of them hits a *big* autograph or a really nice sketch, but then the Americans complain that we Brits get cooler-looking cards than they do
  21. 38, 615 - I've had a lazy Sunday today. Not done any writing, very little coursework, but I *have* arranged a trade with a fellow Star Wars sticker collector
  22. Yep, well done to all the science marchers around the world. We'd be stuck without scientists! My good thing today is setting up another trade of Star Wars stickers. I love being able to help people with their collections - and when they can help me add a few more to my book.
  23. 38,611 - Sleepy morning counting. I was kept awake almost all night by our neighbours, who started a party at 11pm and only turned the music down a little while ago at 6am. It was so loud, my Dad can give me a list of the songs they were doing karaoke to!
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