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  1. 38, 564 - Finished another section of coursework, so I'm having a dance break with "Mofo"
  2. 38, 561 - It is, especially when you have a Lego Star Wars game The funniest part so far is that characters can even play a Space Invaders-style minigame on their own little consoles!!
  3. 38, 558 - Getting back on with my coursework today - and trying not to be *too* distracted by the video game I bought yesterday
  4. 38, 553 - Easter Bank Holiday counting I decided to save R2-D2 and eat him on May the 4th while I'm having the film marathon.
  5. 38, 543 - I have a very nice R2-D2 Easter egg, but I don't know whether to eat him this evening or eat him on May the 4th instead
  6. Which one ???? 38 530 38, 536 - It's called "U2: A Conspiracy of Hope" by Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray, first published in 1993.
  7. 38, 529 - Lunchtime counting while I try to find space for the books I bought yesterday... I even found a U2 one that I didn't already have
  8. 38, 526 - Very nice I've had a great day out today - then came home to the first trailer for The Last Jedi... very intriguing.
  9. 38, 517 - Also, I *love* the artwork Malahide! Although maybe it needs an X-Wing or two?
  10. Ohohoho !!! Now that's a young Padawan ! A Jedi Apprentice ! 38 511 38, 516 - Sadly we currently only have 1 SW book in teen fiction, 3 that are classed as adult fiction and currently no junior level SW books - apart from one aimed at *very* young children learning to read, so said young Padawan left without borrowing one I will have to see if we can find some more SW books in the near future. (If it was up to me, I'd make a whole library of nothing *but* Star Wars books )
  11. 38, 510 - Finally found some time to count. This morning was spent shopping and *finally* getting my hair tidied up then I did my afternoon shift at the library. One youngster came in and wanted to know how many Star Wars books we had... clearly a well-trained young Padawan
  12. 38502 One suspect has been arrested in the meantime. There were three bombs, detonated from a distance. 38, 503 - And Marc Bartra is not seriously hurt, which is a relief. At least they are playing the match now And it was lovely to see the Dortmund fans open their homes to the Monaco fans so they didn't have to worry about hotels.
  13. 38, 501 - Reminds me of the the 501st Legion Star Wars costume group
  14. 38, 489 - Given what happened in the second leg against PSG, maybe Barca are just being nice and giving Juve a head start...
  15. 38, 485 - Evening counting... hoping the injured Borussia Dortmund player recovers - and wondering what the heck caused the explosions that injured him I know flares and fireworks are fairly normal at European football matches, but why would anyone be so stupid (or nasty) as to let one off right by the team bus? You would think security would be tighter around these things given recent events.
  16. 38, 483 - I was out buying Rogue One I took my own carrier bag, but ended up buying one anyway because HMV are doing special edition Rogue One bags. I couldn't resist...
  17. 38, 468 - I had my evening Tai Chi class earlier. Now I'm finishing up one last bit of coursework.
  18. Oh !!!! Wow !!!! That's great !!!! Hope you'll get your novel published soon ! 38 456 38, 465 - It will be a long time before it's ready for publishing, this is just the first draft I did read the first two pages at writing group today and they liked it, so that's encouraging.
  19. 38, 454 - Late night counting. I've written over 1,000 words today - making good progress on developing my idea into a novel
  20. 38, 444 - Good morning! I'm having a nice relaxed Sunday in the sunshine
  21. 38, 439 - Finishing off some coursework this evening - critiquing a biography of the emperor Constantine. It would help if I could STOP reading "Eusebius" as "Eusebio" There's no football involved here!
  22. 38, 435 - Lovely sunshine here... I might even have ice cream for pudding after dinner
  23. 38421 You could have left a message on your voicemail! 38, 428 - That's a good plan - except I don't have a voicemail service or a mobile phone Also - 3 months to Twickenham!!!
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