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  1. 38, 167 - I hope you had that cuppa Malahide. I've got a glass of water Yoga was fun tonight - although we might need a bigger room if any more people join the class!
  2. 38, 164 - Doing some tea-time counting as it starts to get dark.
  3. 38, 162 - Taking a break from my coursework to do some counting. Weather here is partly cloudly, some blue sky but not particularly warm. Typical March weather, really
  4. 38, 156 - Today it was nice and sunny round my way - so warm, I was able to take my coat off!
  5. 38, 148 - Hello Zootops! Doing some late morning counting before I get ready for Tai Chi
  6. 38, 139 - Starting Sunday with some nice relaxing counting and a documentary film.
  7. It was actually yesterday, but I got a free cinema ticket I had saved up enough loyalty points from previous visits so yesterday's trip to see "Logan" didn't cost me a penny.
  8. 38, 133 - Not giving any spoilers away, but "Logan" was really good. Not for the squeamish though as it is very violent.
  9. 38, 131 - Today is cinema time for me Going to see "Logan".
  10. 38, 125 - Hello @pain_18_ Back from the library. I think the reason we have World Book Day today in the UK is because April 23rd is also St George's Day. Maybe someone decided it would be confusing to try to celebrate two things at once?
  11. 38, 121 - It feels appropriate that I'll be on library duty today, on World Book Day Although I'd like to know why the UK celebrates it today when most of the rest of the world has it on April 23rd to commemorate Shakespeare's birthday.
  12. 38, 116 - Adding another number before I log off to watch the FA Cup replay. Hopefully the football will be more cheerful than today's coursework - which was on the topic of cemeteries and funerary practices in Pompeii.
  13. 38,113 - Late lunchtime counting. I'm feeling back to normal now
  14. 38, 108 - popping in to add a late number. Feeling a bit wobbly after a long train journey!
  15. 38, 097 - Grey and cloudy here too, but at least it's not raining
  16. 38, 090 - Saturday is fantastic for counting Which reminds me, I haven't put my music on yet!!! I shall remedy that immediately.
  17. 38, 084 - Went out shopping today and found the starter set for a new Star Wars trading card collection. It "fell" into my trolley... totally by accident of course
  18. 38, 082 - Counting while listening to "Babyface". Got to love a bit of Zooropa
  19. 38, 078 - I've been on library duty today. But now I'm home so I can get on with counting
  20. 38, 071 - Good evening/night. Coursework has fried my brain for today. Unwinding with some music and then a well-earned sleep.
  21. 38, 069 - Late lunchtime counting while listening to "Binary Sunset" from the Star Wars soundtrack. Such a beautiful piece of music
  22. 38, 061 - I'm awarding myself a small break from coursework for a couple of hours
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