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  1. 38, 021 - Back from the library, doing a bit of work on my essay before dinner.
  2. 38, 017 - Good morning Zootops! How are we all today?
  3. 38, 014 - Taking a break from coursework. Trying to deal with sources is doing my head in - although I do now have BB-8 sitting on my desk for encouragement. Maybe I'll try explaining it to him...
  4. 38, 011 - Taking a lunch break at the half-way point of my essay. Next step is to put the actual quotes and references in, all proper and academic
  5. 38, 007 - Cue Bond theme! Still wrestling with my essay, but it *will* be done by the end of the week.
  6. 38, 004 - My latest essay is nearly starting to make sense
  7. 37, 997 - Very good! I'm not on Instagram, so I only see the posts if they're put on FB as well, or reposted there by friends. And yes, I am in favour of some Pop songs breaking out on JT30 Tour. (Discotheque! Discotheque! Discotheque!)
  8. 37, 994 - Just renewed my subscription for another year as a Valentine's gift to myself
  9. 37, 988 - I'm a tea person too. Although funnily enough, I tend to drink it more when I'm out and about. I don't drink much tea at home for some reason.
  10. 37, 984 - I was released on the condition I enjoyed the rest of the event Plus, we had plenty of Jedi (and other pilots) to help keep the Dark Side characters in order I've also just found out this morning that there's a Comic-Con in Leicester in June (on my birthday!). If I can find the venue and get to it, that would be an amazing way to spend my birthday!
  11. 37, 982 - Back to reality now - and working out where to put all the Star Wars figures I bought today
  12. 37975 Is your fabric paint costume ready? 37, 979 - My Poe Dameron costume got quite a few compliments - well worth the effort to make it - in the end, it took TWENTY SIX pots of fabric paint to get the flight suit the right colour!! If I can load it, here's a picture of me getting arrested by the Empire:
  13. I went to the MCM Midlands Comic-Con and had a lot of fun. Several people complimented me on my costume (I went as Poe Dameron from Star Wars: The Force Awakens). And I managed to keep my spending within budget!
  14. 37, 973 - Getting excited for the convention tomorrow!!
  15. 37, 970 - About to put some music on now that I'm back from the library I've also done more painting on my costume (and am still slightly scared I'll run out of fabric paint!!)
  16. 37, 960 - All this talk of Achtung Baby inevitably makes me want to listen to it today. I love that album
  17. 37, 955 - Adding one last number before I go to bed
  18. 37, 953 - Counting while waiting for the paint to dry on another part of my costume. I hope everyone is having a nice day so far.
  19. 37, 946 - I've been to Tai Chi, writing group and then been up to my ears in fabric paint working on my costume. Apologies to anyone else in Telford or Shrewsbury looking for bright red fabric paint - I've already bought it all (Seriously, two pots only painted one side of an arm and shoulder of my flight suit. I had 5 pots left which clearly weren't going to be enough. So I went to 3 shops - including one in the next town - and bought 14 more pots of fabric paint. Emptied the shelves. I just hope it is enough to finish my costume).
  20. 37, 944 - A spot of relaxing early evening counting.
  21. 37, 942 - Just popping in to count before I enjoy my Sunday dinner
  22. With IETour, the stage layout with the long catwalk down to e-stage meant there was plenty of rail space to go round. At the first London show, I arrived to the queue at maybe 12.30pm, was about number 300 in the queue and got to be right by the rail near e-stage. A friend who had arrived at 9am got to be right on the rail. With this stage lay-out, it doesn't look like there will be so much rail space, so I would advise getting there as early as you can. Officially, some venues might tell you that you can only queue up outside from 9am or something like that. If you can't be there all day,
  23. In 1987, I was just turning 3 I didn't know who U2 were at that age so I'm very glad that they're doing this JT anniversary tour. As for advice, I'd tell myself to try and avoid the football accident where I got kicked in the head aged about 9. That led to me developing epilepsy which really messed up my later childhood and teen years.
  24. 37, 938 - Rocking out to the Milan 2005 live version of City of Blinding Lights
  25. did you read poems? I read two short stories. The group mainly write short stories, although poems are welcome too
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