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  1. 37, 843 - One last number before I go to bed. I will find out tomorrow if it has arrived in stock yet. (Hopefully the Force will be with me!)
  2. 37, 837 - Hello @Malahide! Adding another number in celebration of Rafa winning!!
  3. 37, 835 - counting while following the tennis scores. Come on Rafa!! Also hoping that my local comic book shop will finally get Poe Dameron #7 in stock. I have #8 already, but can't read it yet!
  4. 37, 831 - It is indeed! And for me, weekend = visit to the comic book shop
  5. 37, 829 - Hello @pollyanna Back from work now, so on with the coursework.
  6. 37, 827 - I did a *lot* of coursework yesterday, so I'm starting today with relaxation (and counting).
  7. 37, 812 - back from a nice, relaxing evening Tai Chi class. It's possibly the closest thing to actual Jedi training. Or at least I like to think it is You can certainly see where Eastern philosophies influenced the idea of the Jedi and the Force.
  8. 37, 809 - Feeling rather scared for certain Star Wars characters' futures with that ominous red lettering in the new poster!
  9. 37, 802 - Frosty morning... I need to jump around to some U2 to warm up!
  10. 37, 795 - @caz63 I'm only a short way down the road from you! And yes, the weather is horrible. I'll be glad when it brightens up.
  11. 37, 793 - about to go and plonk myself in front of the football scores for the next few hours. (Best of luck to Manchester United, Telford United and Shrewsbury Town)
  12. 37, 791 - Starting the weekend with some U2 to try and cheer me up.
  13. 37, 786 - I borrowed 3 historical fiction books - two set in Ancient Egypt and one VIking-era
  14. £86??? That's ridiculous - especially for a plastic pop group who might spend half their show miming! I'm sure your daughter will develop a better taste in music as she grows up - maybe you should start making U2 songs mysteriously appear on her music device of choice!
  15. Woohooo!! Fingers crossed you can get that day off. Today was the first time I'd had to register a new library user since I started working there. I managed to do so successfully - without having to look at the instruction booklet! I felt quite proud of myself.
  16. 37, 778 - Had a good day at the library. I borrowed 3 books for myself because that was the only way to make room for 2 big books being returned!
  17. 37, 774 - about to have an early lunch and then get ready for my volunteer shift at the library. My favourite part of the week - I could do with a badge that says "Ninja book-sorter"
  18. I went for a very enjoyable long walk today with a local walking group - and we stopped off for a cup of tea in a local cafe. We got very muddy, but at least no-one slipped over
  19. @tan_lejos_tan_ cerca - I believe you meant to post these in the "Action Thread" ? 37, 770 - Finished another section of my coursework.
  20. 37, 769 - Went on my regular walk with a local walking group today. We got very muddy, but these walks make great tour training Now, it's back to coursework to see if I can finish section 2.5 this evening.
  21. 37, 733 - The archaeology team walk was very good, some interesting industrial-era building remains that we will hopefully be allowed to investigate further later in the year (when the weather is better!).
  22. 37, 722 - Thank you. Tomorrow I'm going on a walk with my fellow archaeology volunteers to look at a potential excavation site Hope you have a lovely week too!
  23. 37, 719 - feeling very chilled out after my evening Tai Chi class.
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