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  1. I believe the vinyls will be sent out in March. I have a record player but it's ancient and I don't trust it with my precious U2! My Mum has one of those ones that can record onto MP3 and absolutely swears by it.
  2. Thank you, Stan. BBC Radio Shropshire are playing Every Breaking Wave pretty much every day at the moment, they must be big U2 fans And today I renewed my U2 subscription so that's good too.
  3. I got the result back for my Ancient Greek assignment and scored 78%! Really happy with that, especially after all of the panicking about whether my essays were going off on completely the wrong track. I also heard both EBW and With or Without You on my local radio station today.
  4. I finally finished my assignment and sent it in! So glad to get it out of the way.
  5. Thank you to Redandwhitepebble, I got your card today
  6. Wishing a Happy New Year to my fellow Zootops! I trust we've all got New Year's Day either playing or ready to play when it hits midnight?

  7. Thank you to Illumination70, your card arrived today. I shall try the recipe in the new year too and see how it turns out.
  8. I've just booked my hotel for the 25th! In related news, I am now skint I don't know London all that well and don't want to have to spend my Sunday struggling to make my way across London so went for the nearest place I could find that was both within my budget and had parking spaces available (as specified by my brother-in-law). Also had to use his mobile number on the booking form as I don't have one, but I put a little note on the comment form to explain that in case they do actually phone him. He's coming with me, so it's not like I just picked a random number!
  9. Yours arrived this morning. Thank you so much, especially for the lovely photo! I'm going to find a suitably nice frame to keep it in.
  10. Thank you to Julie3188, Pollyanna and BonosBeagle, your cards all arrived safely today and nicely in time. I especially like the fact I now have a party balloon!
  11. Wishing all of my fellow Zootops a lovely Christmas

    1. pain_18_


      Merry Christmas,Beck!

    2. Rhi_K


      Merry Christmas Beck, thank you so much for visiting and the lovely card, was the coolest surprise :D

    3. stanley14
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  12. Thank you also to U2FanInVT - I received your card this lunchtime
  13. Thank you to Terrib and Nikaliptus, I received your cards this morning. As well as the cards, I'm keeping all of the envelopes too as all of these international Christmas stamps are beautiful!
  14. I received yours today, thank you very much. Also thank you to LMM, your card arrived this morning as well.
  15. I received my card from you this morning, thank you very much
  16. I received my card from Lailaketo today and it's absolutely lovely! I'm going to save the envelope too as the Danish Christmas stamps are so pretty.
  17. Same here, I've logged in and My Events is empty. Way to give us all a heart attack AXS!
  18. I got 2 GA tickets in the pre-sale for the first night in London and am happy with that. At £55 per ticket, I'm happy with the price too, it's about what I expected. The ordering process was easier than I thought it would be which also helped.
  19. Can October hurry up and get here already?!

  20. I'd be interested in coach travel down to the O2, although again it would depend on times as I'm another with GA tickets who would want to get there as early as possible. I'm going to the Sunday 25th show. Nearest city for me is Wolverhampton. I'm pretty sure the regular National Express services do pick-ups at Telford Town Centre, which would be great for Rhi and me, but Wolves would be OK too.
  21. I've just been out this afternoon and bought my cards as well as some postcards of my local area to send to the overseas members. I shall hopefully get them written and sent out tomorrow. Apologies in advance to whoever has the misfortune to stand behind me at the post office while I sort out the various foreign postage prices
  22. Just putting together an edited version of the confirmation email to give to my B-i-L. Can't wait to see his face on Christmas Day when I tell him he's coming with me!
  23. I'll be there! Non-alcoholic drinks for me, but I'm up for a Zootops meeting.
  24. 2 tickets for me for London on the Sunday!!! Nice and easy process, first time I've done ordering tickets online and it was much easier than I expected.
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