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  1. Oooh... I shall have to try and visit sometime! Today's case study is 'Bracara Augusta' (Braga) which is not really all that far from you. You're pretty much on the Portuguese border in Galicia, aren't you? 37, 922
  2. 37, 913 - Thanks Malahide I only have 3 more assignments and the exam to go.
  3. 37902 Archeology? Interesting. 37, 909 - I'm doing an Open University module on the Roman Empire as the final module of my degree. It does include looking at archaeological evidence and the difficulties of interpreting it when there's not always much to go on.
  4. 37, 899 - I need to pick up learning French again. I did it up to AS level at school, but have focused much more on Spanish in recent years.
  5. 37, 892 - Good afternoon Lion. I've completed 2 case studies so far today - powering through my coursework!
  6. 37, 890 - Good morning everyone. Getting on with a case study of a Roman city today so that should be fun
  7. 37,881 - doing a spot of counting before getting on with some coursework.
  8. I went to a writer's group at a local library today. I read out two short pieces and got some very encouraging feedback and ideas.
  9. 37, 874 - I was supporting Rafa in the Aus Open final, but fair play to Federer, winning a Grand Slam title at 35. Most tennis players are retiring by that age! I watched some good FA Cup matches this afternoon too. Well done Sutton United!
  10. 37, 859 - An extra post to celebrate the fact I just reached 400 posts and got promoted from Ultraviolet up to Party Girl
  11. 37, 858 - I finally have Poe Dameron issue #7 - and two other Star Wars graphic novels that I've been trying to find for years!!!
  12. 37, 843 - One last number before I go to bed. I will find out tomorrow if it has arrived in stock yet. (Hopefully the Force will be with me!)
  13. 37, 837 - Hello @Malahide! Adding another number in celebration of Rafa winning!!
  14. 37, 835 - counting while following the tennis scores. Come on Rafa!! Also hoping that my local comic book shop will finally get Poe Dameron #7 in stock. I have #8 already, but can't read it yet!
  15. 37, 831 - It is indeed! And for me, weekend = visit to the comic book shop
  16. 37, 829 - Hello @pollyanna Back from work now, so on with the coursework.
  17. 37, 827 - I did a *lot* of coursework yesterday, so I'm starting today with relaxation (and counting).
  18. 37, 812 - back from a nice, relaxing evening Tai Chi class. It's possibly the closest thing to actual Jedi training. Or at least I like to think it is You can certainly see where Eastern philosophies influenced the idea of the Jedi and the Force.
  19. 37, 809 - Feeling rather scared for certain Star Wars characters' futures with that ominous red lettering in the new poster!
  20. 37, 802 - Frosty morning... I need to jump around to some U2 to warm up!
  21. 37, 795 - @caz63 I'm only a short way down the road from you! And yes, the weather is horrible. I'll be glad when it brightens up.
  22. 37, 793 - about to go and plonk myself in front of the football scores for the next few hours. (Best of luck to Manchester United, Telford United and Shrewsbury Town)
  23. 37, 791 - Starting the weekend with some U2 to try and cheer me up.
  24. 37, 786 - I borrowed 3 historical fiction books - two set in Ancient Egypt and one VIking-era
  25. £86??? That's ridiculous - especially for a plastic pop group who might spend half their show miming! I'm sure your daughter will develop a better taste in music as she grows up - maybe you should start making U2 songs mysteriously appear on her music device of choice!
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