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  1. I was about 3 when they originally toured JT. And being as I didn't get to see them do ISHFWILF on IETour, at least we know it's guaranteed on this one!! And Noel Gallagher as support for the European dates! I mean, has Bono been reading my mind? That is pretty much my perfect concert line-up! It goes without saying that my Wednesday morning volunteer commitments are cancelled for this week I just hope the computer doesn't do anything stupid. In non-U2 good things, there were about 20 of us at the lunchtime Tai Chi class! That must be a record. And I got some paperwork sorted out re
  2. As someone too young to have been to the original Joshua Tree tour, I am seriously looking forward to this. Also... Noel Gallagher as the support!! Dream line-up right there!

  3. I found 3 books today while browsing some local charity shops. I think I scared the staff as I squealed out loud when I saw "Odd Thomas" - that has been on my reading list for a while now and I can finally get to read it! I also had some nice conversations with fellow bus passengers. Complete strangers, but for some reason, people seem to like talking to me at bus stops.
  4. I went to my Mum's today. It was only meant to be a quick visit, but then she started showing me the CDs that she got for Christmas... We had to spend *some* time rocking out to them We had a good laugh and Dad and I ended up staying for dinner. Mum also let me borrow the second Harry Potter book as I started reading it while I was there (she has 6 of the 7 Potter books).
  5. I went to the local comic book shop this morning. I was greeted with a hug, much-needed after the last couple of days. Fridge was also literally just sorting through a new delivery and instantly picked out two for me. One of the perks of being a regular is that he gets to know what you read and sets things aside for specific customers It feels like the universe has especially picked on us nerds this year, but we're always there to support each other and at times like these, that's worth more than anything.
  6. This little Star Wars nerd is heartbroken. The Grim Reaper has taken too many this year.

    1. mich40


      It's just terrible.....I hope 2017 is more gentle on us than 2016 has been.

    2. pain_18_


      I hope U2 will put out three albums in 2017.

    3. Malahide


      May the Force be with you

  7. I hope everyone is enjoying a good Christmas. I've just seen their message on Twitter... Joshua Tree... Joshua Tree!!!! *Kermit-style excited arm flailing*
  8. Huge thanks to everyone who has sent me a card - it's so lovely seeing cards from around the world. Wishing everyone a happy Christmas.
  9. Today was my first day volunteering at the local library. It was going to be closed down due to council budget cuts, but it is now a community-run library and I am part of a team of volunteer staff. It was a quiet day, but it's nice to be able to help people when they come in. And I am a *ninja* when it comes to making sure books go back in the right place
  10. I attended a local group for players of tabletop games/RPGs etc. As it was my first time there, it was free to get in I took my X-Wing miniatures game and played two "matches" - one as the First Order and one as the Resistance/light side (mixing ships from EpIII and TFA eras). It was lovely to be able to hang out with some fellow fans and play against other people for once - not to mention looking through other people's ship collections! Four hours very well spent.
  11. Rogue One leads directly to the events in the first one so YES go and see it - I think it will add to your enjoyment/appreciation of the first one.
  12. I saw Rogue One this morning (Friday). My local cinema opened three hours earlier than normal to put on a 9am showing especially for us Star Wars nerds And I agree with @peterferris8 - it is stunning. Fantastic film. Sadly I can't afford to go and watch it again, but I'll happily settle for collecting the stickers.
  13. A little later than planned, but the international cards are now on their way. And thank you to Julie, Angela and bluegrace for your lovely cards.
  14. Getting my cards ready - and I received one already this morning! I aim to send mine out by the end of this week. I love this part of the year
  15. I've just found the online version of the article - with a video - and I'm in it! If you can play the video, you'll see me near the start. I'm in the orange suit applauding as the Viking and the Doctor Who team are brought up on stage during the cosplay competition. At least I'm smiling in the video - I look awkward in the group photo. http://www.shropshirestar.com/entertainment/2016/12/05/wellington-comic-con-raises-hundreds-for-charity-with-pictures-and-video/comiccon6ae/
  16. Brilliant! There was a lightsabre duel at the convention too - young Rey took on Kylo Ren and beat him despite having one arm "chopped off" (hiding it behind her back). As the duel went on, quite a little crowd gathered round to take pictures/video. It was very funny. Our local paper has some photos in today's edition, including the Stormtroopers investigating the market stalls There was also a Dalek that trundled round all day which caused a lot of amusement. If it got to a busy area, it told people "Please clear a path or you will be ex-ter-min-a-ted!".
  17. That is amazing! I had a great day at our local Comic-Con today. I simplified my outfit and went as Wedge Antilles rather than Poe Dameron, which worked really well. One young Rey was *very* particular about calling me Wedge as we bumped into each other throughout the day. Quite a few people complimented me on my outfit - including one pro-level X-Wing pilot cosplayer I also won a Star Wars card game set in the charity auction - and the auction alone raised over £400 for four local charities. We had geeky fun and did some good at the same time.
  18. Aww, that is so cute!!! Best wishes to your family. Did you know there are albums available of U2 songs done in a lullaby style? You could get one of those for your niece and start introducing her to U2 As for my good thing for today - I've learnt that my Tai Chi instructor is also going to the local sci-fi convention on Saturday. We spent at least 10 minutes geeking out together after the lunchtime session, discussing costumes and the correct order to watch the Star Wars films.
  19. I got the last few bits for my X-Wing pilot costume today. The lady in the military surplus store was especially nice - she's also going to the same convention and let me sneak up into the stock room to look in there She made sure I got *exactly* what I needed. I just hope the fabric dye works on the belt and webbing!
  20. I was given a hug at the comic book stall in town today. The guy running the stall has had a tough week. I've had a rough week due to very hurtful criticism from members of my family, who somehow have come up with the idea that I don't care about them because my attention this week has been focused on helping a terrified friend in America who is now desperate to emigrate. We talked it all over in the middle of the comic book shop and had a hug and I came home feeling that bit better. It's been telling that my U2 friends are among those who have been supporting me when my own relat
  21. *hugs* I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time. Can you keep in touch with some Zootops via other means (eg Facebook)? If we have your address on the exchange list, we can still send you cards. Don't feel guilty about not being able to send anything back. It's OK. We understand. I'm going to have to cut back this year too and I'm probably not going to be the only one. But we know you still care about your Zootop friends. We all care for each other. We are here for you. If there is *any* way in which we can help, don't be afraid to let us know. "We get to carry each other".
  22. America, what the hell were you thinking????

    1. Alma1


      America did not elect Trump. It's an illegitimate election because of all the illegal & immoral Voting Rights Violations by legislators (of a certain political stripe) designed to stop the poor, elderly, minorities, & college students from voting & to make some of their votes not count. Despite all that, Hillary got about 2 & a half MILLION more votes than Trump - and the Electoral College gave Trump the 'win' - but that's because of shenanigans (by that certai...

  23. I hope so. I've been waiting for this thread to appear I believe it's normally organised by Julie3188 ?
  24. Happy Birthday Larry - and thank you for starting our favourite band!

  25. Today in Tai Chi we learned a new type of walking meditation. Tiny slow steps around the room, just focusing on the movement and breathing and not thinking about anything else. As someone who normally walks *everywhere* at 100mph, I found it really calming to slow down so much, just slowly taking little steps - and not having to worry about being late getting places!
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