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  1. Can't quite believe tomorrow (Tuesday) will mark 1 year since I finally got to my first U2 concert!

  2. Today my Dad treated me to a trip to Build-A-Bear workshop, where I built 2 bears and brought them home. In the absence of being able to make a U2 bear, I made Finn and Poe from Star Wars - complete with their own little costumes Hopefully in future, I can go back and make a Rey bear to complete the trio of heroes.
  3. This was actually yesterday, but I didn't have chance to post it. I went to my yoga class and while paying our fees, a lady looked at me and said: "You used to go to (primary school name) didn't you?" I looked at her: "How do you know that?" She knew my first name and age (without having previously been told) and said that she recognised me as I used to be in the same class as her daughter. She told me her daughter's name (which I vaguely remembered) and I was amazed. For someone to remember me when it's been over 20 years since I left primary school - and obviously my appearance has
  4. I've completed the first week of my new course. it's going well so far - and I haven't fallen behind yet! (I'm usually *terrible* at keeping up with the coursework schedule)
  5. This was the first thing I thought of when I read that lol_20160928_101015.JPG Haha very good! Luckily there are no height restrictions for X-Wing pilots.
  6. Two things today: Firstly, I'm making progress with sewing my overalls for the X-Wing pilot costume - the legs and arms are now adjusted for my (lack of) height, I've marked where the extra pockets will go and we've removed the maker's labels. It would never do for Poe Dameron to have "Safe Welding" labels on his flight suit! Secondly, this evening I tried a Beginner's Yoga class at the Community Centre. It is run by the same lady who does the Tai Chi class and I really enjoyed it. Our instructor is very encouraging and also very good at explaining things so that even a complete beginner
  7. I'll be at a local arts workshop on Sunday where I'm sure I can get someone to play a U2 song or three. And I will be rocking my IETour T-shirt - hopefully I can upload a photo to the gallery on here. Let's fill the Zoo with U2 T-shirt pics!
  8. Looks like no #U240 events near me, so I'll mostly spend the day rocking out to the concert DVDs.

  9. Today I'm enjoying my Latin pop/rock playlist on Spotify. The current song is "Nada es Suficiente" by El Sueno de Morfeo.
  10. I led a Creative Writing workshop today at the local community centre - and got some really positive feedback from participants
  11. My box of course materials arrived today for my uni module. Naturally, the box arrived a day earlier than scheduled - while I was enjoying a day out by train to Aberystwyth I'm determined to do well on this module as it's my final one (so it will decide my degree classification).
  12. Well done! One of my local libraries had a book sale today. I picked up 5 books for £6 - including a 1929 book on the Rosetta Stone and the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Then I went to the comic book store and bought issue #1 of the Star Wars: Poe Dameron comic (Yes, my taste in reading material is *very* varied)
  13. After 3 orders and attempts to find precisely the right shade of orange, I finally got the overalls for my X-Wing pilot costume today! But they're currently far too clean and bright, so I need to get to work grubbing them up to make it look like I've flown lots of missions in them I also found some boots for the costume and two other items. It's all coming together at long last.
  14. Rogue One looks brilliant! Also in Star Wars-related things, I made progress today on my X-Wing pilot costume. My dad told me about a little fabric shop that might be able to help me out so we went there and not only did we find the material for the life-jacket part of the costume, but the lady is also ordering the dark grey straps for the belt etc. Then we went to an odds-and-ends shop a short distance away and found three more parts. Now I can start actually putting parts of the costume together!
  15. I attended a workshop today with some of my fellow volunteers from Cre-Active. It was very inspirational - and I came home with a shadow puppet theatre. We each made our own from a shoebox and some fabric. We also made stick puppets and even some scenery so that we can put our own stories and shows together. The workshop also involved singing, games and music - including getting to try DJing!
  16. I've been continuing with my regular volunteer work - including a 1-week archaeological dig at a nearby stately home. I've also been reading books for the "52 Weeks, 52 Books" challenge, going to Tai Chi class and job-hunting (unsuccessfully so far).
  17. We've been doing an archaeological dig this week and this morning, we were told we would have 2 students coming with us on a work experience placement. One of them turned out to be my step-dad's grand-daughter who I hadn't previously seen for at least 5 years!! I thought she looked familiar when she first arrived at the museum and on site, when we did a register of who was present, she gave her full name and I was like "Correct me if I'm wrong, but your mum is A... and your dad is J... and your grandfather is H..." And despite not seeing each other for such a long time, she recognised me
  18. I received a pile of vintage U2 vinyl singles!! One of my fellow archaeology volunteers has been clearing out his house, found the singles and, knowing that I'm a huge U2 fan, brought them in, As I was not in yesterday, he gave them to our boss with a note that they should be given to me next time I was in. I went into the museum today and was honestly amazed. Pride, Streets, ISHFWILF, Bullet, Desire, Angel of Harlem and more... They haven't all got their proper sleeves, but I will treasure them. I feel so lucky to work with such generous people.
  19. About to go and put in another job application now that both people I asked agreed to provide references. Fingers crossed - someone has got to want to employ me somewhere!
  20. I received 2 books in the post this morning. One is a set text for my upcoming Open University module and the other is an archaeology textbook that will serve as helpful reference for upcoming digs etc. And yesterday, I got the result for my previous OU module - a Grade 2 pass with a score of 78%
  21. This is for yesterday as I wasn't able to get online last night: I had a day trip to Manchester and got some really good advice on costume-making from the staff of a sci-fi shop that was recommended to me by a friend. They were even able to direct me to a nearby arts and crafts shop which has some of the rarer materials, so now I'm feeling very positive about being able to get my costume ready in time
  22. 5 months to put together a Star Wars X-Wing pilot costume for a local convention... challenge accepted!

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      I'm hoping to get the orange overalls by the end of the week so that's a good start :)

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      I salute you! Pictures when you are done please!

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      May the Force Be with You

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  23. Congratulations!! I spent this morning on a guided walk looking at some local archaeological sites. It tipped it down with rain and we got really muddy, but I learnt a lot so it was well worth it.
  24. Today I took part in 2 sets of dance routines up on a stage at Dawley and Malinslee Fun Day. If you'd have told me even six months ago that I'd feel brave enough to get up and dance in public like that, I would have laughed or thought you were mad. But now here I am, part of a team and getting ready for another community event in 2 weeks time! It's amazing how much confidence you can gain from being around such an encouraging group of people. The only downside was the rubbish weather which meant we only got to do 2 of our 4 planned routines. But that's just the British summer for you!
  25. Just listened to The Stone Roses - "Love Spreads" and now listening to "Won't Let You Down" by Oasis. It's a Mancunian music kind of day.
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