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  1. Amazing! I think if I made character cakes, I'd feel guilty about eating them. And thanks for posting the video too - we don't get to see SNL over here in the UK so I'd not been able to watch it before. First day of the project went well today. It mostly involved moving furniture to create a workspace and then gathering together all the various pieces of a shop frontage. We managed to get everything into our workspace without dropping any glass panels or damaging anything. That's always a good start Some of the pieces took all 6 of us *and* lifting equipment to move them.
  2. Today I was eating at a new cafe (well, new to me anyway). I'm sitting there relaxing, drinking my tea and eating my cake... and "Invisible" comes on!!! Bonus points to them for picking a fairly rare U2 song. I sang out loud and danced in my seat. The people near me might have thought I looked silly, but I couldn't help it. I was on the way back from the cinema at the time, having been to see "Midnight Special" which I quite liked. I will also admit to chuckling at the fact Adam Driver's character has to say the phrase "red sabre". I wonder if that was deliberate on the part of the writer
  3. I've just watched the trailer for the new Star Wars film Rogue One. Twice so far I squealed out loud to see AT-AT walkers and am now having conversations on FB and Twitter with friends and fellow fans about the identity of the cloaked figure near the end and whether Diego Luna's character might be Poe Dameron's dad. Also, I've signed up to take part in a week-long project next week cleaning up and restoring some items in the museum archive. And although it was on Monday, I'm happy to report that I've got my sister and nephew into Tai Chi after bringing them along with me to an evening
  4. How soon can I book my ticket for Rogue One? *waiting impatiently*

  5. Today was a good day at the arts workshop. We were painting eggs ahead of Easter so I did a very rough, simple little landscape with sunshine, blue sky, a tree and lots of green grass. It looks very spring-like. Then at the end of the session, as it's the last one for 2 weeks, we got all the kids and volunteers together for a group photo.
  6. I agree about "40" as a closer - it would be perfect. Although a 40-song setlist *still* might not be enough to fit everyone's favourites in!
  7. I spent my lunchtime today trying out Tai Chi at the local community centre. A friend of mine who works with me at the arts workshops recommended it and I really enjoyed it. It's a good mix of gentle exercises and meditation. I came home feeling nice and relaxed. As a Star Wars fan, it's probably also the closest you can get to feeling like a Jedi - a couple of times I almost expected the instructor to tell us to use the Force
  8. We've finally got sunny weather!

    1. Malahide


      Since a few days it's nice weather here.

  9. I found a group on FB and now have people to swap my Star Wars trading cards with - and I set up my first swap just before dinner today. So close to completing the folder! And tomorrow will be spent on a road trip with my Dad to start filling in the i-Spy Football Grounds book. Starting of course with the most local club in the book which is Shrewsbury Town, then we'll hopefully get to 7 more clubs by the end of the day. Assuming the M6 behaves itself
  10. Agreed. As much as I'm cheering for Michael Fassbender to win, it would be good to see Leo finally get his hands on the statue.
  11. Both of the people I asked about giving references have said yes, so I have just completed filling in my job application and am about to send it off!
  12. I've had a fun day so far today. A trip to a local toy shop ended up with me re-arranging the Star Wars section to make sure all the Finns and Poes were sat next to each other. Because let's face it, once you've seen TFA, you can't help shipping them And at least I've started typing up my latest assignment. It's a mess which will probably need another extension, but at least I'm making progress with it.
  13. Trying to get my assignment done on time...

  14. Trying to get my assignment done on time...

    1. inter1


      stop reading this then ! :-)

  15. Thank you Kristie (I-70), Brad (U2FaninVT) and Niki for the cards that have arrived in the last week or so. And thank you to everyone else that sent one. All of the cards will be kept safe in my special Zoo Exchange box.
  16. First Bowie, now Alan Rickman... seriously 2016, I hate you already!

    1. pain_18_


      Don't hate it so fast....SOE might come out this year.

    2. padawanbeck84


      True. Hopefully it'll just be January that sucks.

  17. Well, in the last year and a half, I've volunteered at 5 local archaeology digs and in 2015 I started volunteering two days a week at a local museum, helping out in their archives. I've also been involved in a local arts group, leading Creative Writing workshops, but it's become clear to me that, as much as I like art and writing, I've enjoyed the museum work and digs a lot more and archaeology is the path I really want to follow. So now I'm making enquiries with a number of universities about moving on to a full Archaeology degree once I finish my Open University Humanities degree next ye
  18. What horrible news to wake up to. Rest in peace David Bowie.

  19. We've got our computer back from the repair people and it works properly again. I was having to go over to my sister's house if I wanted to check my emails! Not any more. Also, over New Year, I've finally figured out where I'm going in life. To put it in U2 terms, I still haven't found what I'm looking for yet, but at least now I know WHAT I'm looking for and how to get there
  20. Having a great start to the New Year.

  21. Wishing my fellow Zootops a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. joshthetree


      happy new year to u2

  22. I may get to see it again at the weekend. Out of the blue, my Dad has announced that he plans on going to see it with a lady-friend on Sunday and they *might* let me go along with them. The problem is that Dad picked me up from the cinema on Saturday and I told him all about the film - including all the spoilers - as I thought he wouldn't be bothered and wasn't going to want to watch it. Dad doesn't normally do sci-fi, but if he watches SW and likes it, then who knows? I may just convert him!
  23. OK, this is for yesterday, but I saw The Force Awakens! I went to a small independent cinema in Birmingham which is rapidly becoming my new favourite (partly for the home-made chocolate cake ). The screening was full and EVERYONE broke out cheering and clapping not only at the opening titles, but also when the time came for Han and Chewie to step back on the Falcon. I'm not saying any more about plot, but it's brilliant. And it was lovely to see parents taking their young children along - training up the next generation of Padawans Also now I can go back to my regular paper-reading
  24. Trying to avoid Star Wars spoilers until I see it at the weekend! *sticks fingers in her ears*

    1. mich40


      Going to see it tomorrow morning. Will hopefully see no spoilers before then.

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