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  1. I finally got around to watching this earlier today. I didn’t get to see the Vertigo tour. I had a baby in 2004 - finances and child care issues made concert going a pipe dream for four or five years. Particularly for concerts as expensive as U2. Wow. I am so sorry I missed this tour. If the Chicago show is any indication of what the rest of the tour looked/sounded like, ..... just wow. ETA - And I've had "40" stuck in my head ALL DAY!
  2. Happy birthday Bass Man! From the Nassau Coliseum concert on the e&i tour, where I stood on the rail, sharing the show with my utterly enthralled 14 year old. What a wonderful night!
  3. The US RSD list came out over the weekend and 11 O'Clock was on the list. My local store lets us submit wish lists, so they have an idea of what to order - no promises made, but . . . yes, this was on my wish list and on my teenager's.
  4. Agreed. I was really hoping for a new album. Oh well. Video quality was outstanding, though.
  5. My teenager doesn't have school today and still woke up before 7am. So the two of us are sitting in our living room, cuddling the dog, having coffee (as they refer to it - magic bean water) and listening to the show. A lovely way to start Thanksgiving break. Happy Turkey Day to my American compatriots (and everyone else observing the holiday of gluttony).
  6. I look at that picture and see a mug of tea (or coffee?) and what looks like a box of tissues on the table next to Larry and I have to laugh. He's in his office. And appears to be having so much fun there.
  7. Walking my dog in Central Park, NYC, then sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee, all while listening to a U2 concert a half a world away. Not a bad way to start a crisp fall morning.
  8. It was a problem on all of their recent tours. A small group commandeers the front of the line, sets up their own lists and check-ins and pushes out the locals. Their feeling is that they follow the band, so they are entitled to the front row. It breeds resentment among those who cannot spend the time or money traveling around following U2 and only go to see them when they visit their hometown (I live in NYC, so they are here on every tour - I've seen them multiple times in the last 5 years without having to go more than about 30 miles from home). When you are seeing them in your hometown, your regular life (jobs, school, family) gets in the way of random hour check-ins and/or sitting in line for days. I've said it before, I'll say it again. They need to put in the system that Springsteen uses. Depending on the size of the venue and the GA, X amount of numbered bracelets are distributed X hours before a show starts. A public lottery is held to determine which number becomes the front of the line and everyone falls in behind that person. The more often you go, the better your odds of being in the first group at least once on a tour. The locals have just as much chance of being in front as the tour followers. Done.
  9. And I completely missed this one! Grump. OK. Deep breath, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I missed it because I was watching my daughter's hockey team win a really well-played, close game. But looking at the set list - can they keep Gloria around? I love that one. Love, hugs and peace to all!
  10. They have started arriving in NYC - mine was waiting for me at the Post Office on Wednesday.
  11. The view of the screen was great, but the e-stage was a little tough to see at that distance.
  12. Short answer - yes. I was behind the stage at Madison Square Garden. The view from my seat when they were on the Main Stage was spectacular.
  13. If only the Dublin shows weren't in the middle of my daughter's hockey season. I'd move heaven and earth to be there.
  14. I did the same thing. GA with my family at Nassau Coliseum and behind the stage by myself for MSG3. Both were fantastic evenings and very different experiences. ENJOY YOURSELF!!! And to all on the GA line today - stay in the shade (if you can) and stay hydrated!!!!
  15. What a night! I am so glad I listened to the advice given here! I picked up a last minute single behind the stage and had a magnificent time. When I went three weeks ago, I was with my family. It was a night to share with loved ones and to reflect on my relationship with my teenager, through the lens of U2s music. Last night was a night to relish in the music itself. Summer in the City of Blinding Lights.
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