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  1. The shipping email with the tracking number came last Thursday. It's Monday and I'm getting the "check back tomorrow" notice from UPS. I'm taking odds on which comes first - the tracking data or the package. It's an open question since UPS uses the USPS for "last-mile" delivery on a lot of packages in my area, so it may spend an extra night in a USPS sorting facility.
  2. A relatively successful morning. I missed the Thelonius Monk, but got the U2, Prince & Rage Against the Machine (among others).
  3. I've become friendly with our local record store owner. RSD drives a huge amount of business into her store. The band isn't going to see much revenue - particularly since they are only releasing between 5000 and 10000 units. But the local record store might see a month of sales revenue in one day. Instead of one or two people coming in and dropping $300, there might be 15 on that day (I know I've been guilty of that). And that's really the point. Kudos to U2 for helping encourage that.
  4. It is possible to copy vinyl into a digital format. A USB turntable makes it easier (they make them as simple as plug & play, others are more complicated but will result in better sound). It can be done with older turntables as well, but that takes a lot more effort, an amp or a receiver and some software downloads.
  5. Ooops. Missed this one. I hope Larry had a very happy birthday, even through Ireland's latest lockdown. Photo from Nassau Coliseum, June 2018.
  6. Isn't that what they are for? 😉
  7. I got mine at Rock N Soul Records in NYC. They had a table outside, I gave them my wish list; they checked their stock and pulled what I wanted. I never had to go inside. They had everything I wanted except for the Dizzy Gillespie/Charlie Parker at Town Hall, which I was very bummed about.
  8. I finally got around to watching this earlier today. I didn’t get to see the Vertigo tour. I had a baby in 2004 - finances and child care issues made concert going a pipe dream for four or five years. Particularly for concerts as expensive as U2. Wow. I am so sorry I missed this tour. If the Chicago show is any indication of what the rest of the tour looked/sounded like, ..... just wow. ETA - And I've had "40" stuck in my head ALL DAY!
  9. Happy birthday Bass Man! From the Nassau Coliseum concert on the e&i tour, where I stood on the rail, sharing the show with my utterly enthralled 14 year old. What a wonderful night!
  10. The US RSD list came out over the weekend and 11 O'Clock was on the list. My local store lets us submit wish lists, so they have an idea of what to order - no promises made, but . . . yes, this was on my wish list and on my teenager's.
  11. I have to disagree with you. I got exactly what I wanted for the 2018 North America shows. GA via a combination of the member's pre-sale and the Citibank presale for my family (2 adults & a 14 year old) for the show on Long Island and a single for me, right behind the main stage, for one of the MSG shows. I still think the ticket sale process was a massive disaster - poorly administered and no explanation of how the process actually worked. There was no reason for the lack of advance notice of the "minor" detail of "Fan Club Membership gives entry into a lottery for access to the first pre-sale." I lay the blame at the feet of Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Yes, I got what I wanted, but it left a very bad taste in my mouth.
  12. Agreed. I was really hoping for a new album. Oh well. Video quality was outstanding, though.
  13. My teenager doesn't have school today and still woke up before 7am. So the two of us are sitting in our living room, cuddling the dog, having coffee (as they refer to it - magic bean water) and listening to the show. A lovely way to start Thanksgiving break. Happy Turkey Day to my American compatriots (and everyone else observing the holiday of gluttony).
  14. I look at that picture and see a mug of tea (or coffee?) and what looks like a box of tissues on the table next to Larry and I have to laugh. He's in his office. And appears to be having so much fun there.
  15. Walking my dog in Central Park, NYC, then sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee, all while listening to a U2 concert a half a world away. Not a bad way to start a crisp fall morning.
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