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  1. Hello, can you please help me out?

    I received email my membership expires in 2 days, but my account info mentions it's still active until march 1, 2021.
    Can you confirm me that I can wait till end of February to renew?  

    I emailed U2.com but got automatic answer theres no email or phone support ...

    Thank you

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    2. Katrien69


      Thank you. I used the customer form, and received an answer saying they don't answer on mails of phonecalls... 

    3. Katrien69


      Thank you for reaching out. Due to the growing concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and the multitude of event changes that have resulted, we are experiencing extremely high contact volumes. We are continuously working with artist management and promoters to update the status of concert events.

      Please note, at this time, email support and phone support is not available. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

      Please do not reply to this email as it will not reach a Fan Support Representative.


    4. Katrien69


      I have received an answer by mail from u2.com which answers my question... Thanks for your help

  2. Hi, I just received email that my u2.com subscription will expire in 7days. But when I log in on my account, there's mentioned my subscription is active until march 1, 2021...?   But if i renew now; i will receive the Berlin Dvd, which I already have received as a gift for the 2020 subscription.   Do i have to renew in 7 days, or can i wait until march 1st?      

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Please keep checking the forum for further information about the resubscription process...

    2. Katrien69


      OK, thanks, I don't think this specific item is not yet discussed. 

      The email says I only have 7 more days to renew,  and as I dont want to lose my place in the "Red hill group"...

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