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  1. Also, as a yankee fan I shouldnt be helping out a red sox fan. I wanted to be nice though, I would think this could help you somewhat even if its not TD Garden
  2. i didnt sit behind the stage but I was like third row of the nosebleeds and you can sort of see the view
  3. Looks like sticking still to the verfied system, more second shows just added now. I didnt see NY earlier but it's now there
  4. whatever works for them I personally don't do it but I won't knock it. Scalpers have been around forever and that won't change. The problem is at the end of the day paying these scalpers and stubhub prices.
  5. You had longtime fans though that have been fan club members for years that did not get access to tickets. That is wrong The verified system is ridiculously stupid. Scalpers can easily get past that, if scalpers are gonna go through though and buy 40 memberships, so they can buy 80 tickets, thats on them.
  6. the MSG U2 show is "sold out" i.e all the tickets were given to brokers, so now we'll never get to see if they would lower the prices
  7. If U2 genuinely cared for the fans, they wouldnt of chosen verified fan for the fan club members and given members access to a 4 ticket limit to start. citibank shouldve been given a 2 ticket limit verified system and do the verified system for people not with the fan club. Giving your true fans access first should be the priority, do the verified system for everyone else. Your loyal fans shouldnt be jumping through hoops or have to deal with a 2 ticket limit
  8. in the past, they have told me once the tickets are fully released to general sale, you can make exchanges. Also, sometimes it just depends on the rep. LAtely, i've been using their live chat feature when you click your order online. Seems to be better than a disgruntled employee via phone
  9. ticketmaster never lets you exchange for a cheaper ticket, you can only exchange for something of the same value or greater I've done exchanges before and obviously lost out too when seeing something that I feel is better for cheaper
  10. yeah, most events do dynamic pricing or they just sell them off to brokers for a discounted fee and take their losses. I would expect U2 will have to drop just a bit in price.
  11. Which is why I was completely fine sitting behind the stage for over $100 bucks Couldnt get seats though due to this whole stupid verified system
  12. exactly I would've been able to get the 3 tickets I wanted using the club code but instead had to wait for the citi code which I had no idea we even had to verify for. So I missed out and had to wait until today and now I can't get tickets due to prices. I was fine sitting behind the stage for the price but i'm not about to spend after fees around $1,300 for three tickets. Ridiculous everything about this presale
  13. i'm sure those tickets will end up being lowered or sold off to brokers at a discount. All events do it, i'm glad they aren't selling though now to show more promoters that fans do not want to be taken advantage of
  14. Montreal I saw has another show, I didn't see anything for elsewhere yet
  15. Other acts put on just as an elaborate of a concert for far less. I saw Kanye West on his last tour and his floating stage was work for them to do as well, cost far less than what U2 is asking for. We all love U2 on here but there should be no defending of this pricing
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