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  1. Cheers U2LAWoman! Baby Bono is a great name for him!
  2. Such an awesome album. My youngest, who used to be soothed on long car journeys by the opening 3 tracks from The Joshua Tree, now loves it. It scared him at first
  3. A humorous song and video I made 'protesting' this stressful season. Hope you enjoy!
  4. A little video I shot during my lunch break earlier this week. Hope you enjoy...
  5. Getting blown about by storm Gertrude:
  6. I filmed this video with my 2 year old daughter just after the last general election's surprising outcome
  7. My son showing off his dance moves, including a moon crawl, and unique fashion sense. He is a big U2 fan. He first fell in love with the Joshua Tree which was great as it could sooth him on long car journeys when he was upset. I remember introducing him to Achtung Baby and I think his reaction may have been the same as some fans at the time it released; he was shocked and a bit scared and stared suspiciously at the stereo. It didn't take long to grow on him though as you can see from this video!
  8. Beware of London toilets (don't worry it's not gross)
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