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  1. Hi, thanks for your welcome messages. I have only one cd, All That You Can't Leave Behind. I got it shortly after I heard "Beautiful Day" like 10 yrs ago- then I finally got an ipod and got the other songs on itunes. From the Boy and War album I like Refugee and Electric Co. Since I am home from work today here is a list of songs I have on my ipod: Ultra Violet All Because of You Gone Desire Vertigo I"ll Go Crazy if I Dont Go Crazy 40 One One Tree Hill All hit singles from the radio
  2. Hi everyone, just want to say hello. What made me join and become an official fan were the songs Ordinary Love and Invisible!! I've always liked them since the late 80's when I was in jr. high school. I think "With or Without You" was the first song I heard. I have not attended any of their concerts yet, but hope to one day. ~Christine
  3. And at least Edge hasn't left any of their tours in the middle and didn't force the band to find a replacement at short notice.
  4. I am a new fan and don't know much except I love the two new songs Invisible and Ord. Love. But all I can say here is: be lucky as U2 fans that they don't write albums for money and fame or maybe for the purpose of selling records. They write when they have inspiration. Their lyrics are complex and reveal effort. I know bands who write simple songs but release albums every year or two years..... That's mechanical on my opinion....
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