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  1. <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> cool, thanks!!
  2. so if 1 British Pound equals 1.57 US Dollar then how much are the shirts? $45 US / 63 pounds?
  3. thank you!! wow, it's amazing how life can take away time from this place!!!
  4. I went to see if I could get more tickets and OMG, ticketmaster says there are shows all week long!!!! Is this true?
  5. I've been MIA.. but now I'm back!!

  6. Stopping in to say hi to everyone. Hope you are all doing well !!!!!

    1. chris1043
    2. mich40


      Hi! Freezing to death but other than that, doing well.


    3. chris1043


      Hi mich40 - we are freezing here in NY too!!

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  7. Today is my friend Cristian's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTIAN!!!

  8. I wonder what the B-sdie would be (I mean, if cd-singles are still manufactured?) Or at least itunes will release the B-side (I hope)
  9. Popping in to say hi to everyone!!

  10. Back in the office - 9 AM sharp!!

  11. Back to work tomorrow - my 4 day wkd went too fast

  12. chris1043

    Me & Mephisto

    so cool! I never knew this existed!
  13. Happy New Year to all !!! Bring on 2015!!! Time to count down to my U2 concert in July!

    1. Anjana


      ...but who's counting lol

    2. chris1043


      That's a great idea Rhi!!! And yeah, who's counting besides us all? Lol.

    3. Rhi_K
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  14. From the album: Christine's Misc. Photo Album 2014

    saw this in my Facebook feed under Richie's page.. what a nice surprise
  15. chris1043

    angel 01

    love this, so beautiful
  16. chris1043


    From the album: Christine's Misc. Photo Album 2014

    a little too late with the posting. Just saw this online today.
  17. I hope all who celebrated Christmas had a wonderful one!

    1. pain_18_


      U2, Christine !!!

  18. wait, are you typing in your password too? i think your email and username are the same thing. Try typing in your email addy in the space where it says username
  19. Hmm, I just went to ticketmaster at work to check for you but my company IT has blocked it... it must've been the Twilight Zone last week when I had access because now I don't! So sorry I cannot help you. I hope you get it to work
  20. If I were you, I'd open a separate window for ticketmastger.com, sign in, then sign in to u2.com in another window so when you click on the link to ticketmaster from u2s site, you will already be logged in. Like sometimes I log in to a site, close it without signing out, but when i go back, i don't have to re-sign in, I'm already there
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