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  1. Just tasted the most incredible gourmet peanut butter chocolate cup!! A gift from our client at work. YUM!!! i want to buy some from the website. Bridgewater Connecticut Chocolate!!!

  2. A miracle occurred at work! I am so happy. The new program is fixed and now I have the Joey Ramone song in my head (senior moment - what is the exact title of the song?) Lol.

    1. pain_18_


      The Miracle of Joey Ramone !

  3. Lucky you. I tried for that since I planned to spoil myself and go alone, but ticketmaster crashed, so I got GA. It's ok though.
  4. awesome!! Enjoy the city!!! If you're a chocolate lover, try/Google Max Brenner. Cool restaurant with chocolate pizza.
  5. oh cool. I wonder how. let me know! its kinda early but I'll say it now anyway "Have fun" Woo Hoo!! I can';t wiat!
  6. Not sure if you're in MTL Jeff, but just as an fyi, my 8 general sale tix are paper, mailed to my home adress... I think in MTL it was only GA floors that were paperless (I got 2 GA floors from pre-sale & these are paperless), so here in MTL I'm sure there are/will be a gazillion scalper tickets out there.... Hi passenger789, have you ever had your prior tix mailed to you by UPS 2-day service? Or know anyone who has? I am wondering when they are mailed out? 2 days since date of purchase or____? I have not received mine yet and I paid for UPS 2 day service. Any thoughts are ideas? I already emailed Ticketmaster. My confirmation email did not provide the UPS tracking #!!! I am going crazy here. Any input? Thanks.
  7. I understand your point, but if you want to get technical about this: "...Let them be in line as they joined. ... , the fan with the fastest computer and the ticket site that did not crash determined who got tickets, not how long they have been fans and have paid membership fees.
  8. There are still people who haven't used their pre-sale code yet.... They should be able to get to go first... I agree.
  9. well low and behold!!!! I used UPS as my delivery service and thought I would check my ticketmaster confirmation email for the UPS tracking #... it doesn't have it !!! I just emailed Ticketmaster to see what's up with my ticket delivery! has this happened to anyone else? thanks!
  10. thanks everyone. I also bought insurance on them. Please refrain from laughing. This is my FIRST concert!!!!! Cannot take a chance!!!
  11. I paid extra to have my tickets delivered by "UPS" which are supposed to be delivered in 2 business days. So if I purchased the tix Thursday - then not counting Thursday, I should have my delivery today (Monday), right? thanks.
  12. I'm going by myself and will be on the floor. Sorry to say but my friends didn't want to spend the $86. Well, hopefully my tix are for standing area with NO SEATS, lol. We all need room to move around and enjoy ourselves. I CAN'T WAIT. LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!
  13. why would there be a red zone **furthest away** from the stage? I'd assume it's close to the stage. I tried for that and saw that it was over $300 but decided to spoil myself anyway. However, my computer froze or Ticketmaster crashed so I wound up getting GA floor tix.
  14. the problem is with the hosting site that sells tickets or maybe your computer that you're using. We had problems yesterday too. Don't blame this great place!
  15. 86 is down on the floor and 118 is the upper tier - the lower upper tier. There is also a drop down menu that you have to click on so you can choose which price you want the site to search for
  16. thanks, Le'ts hope there are no physical barriers so we can inch our way up closer. FYI: I was at the free RED concert earlier this week and it was amazing how rude people were just pushing and shoving their way up to the front. One lady even said "Excuse me, I'm the media, I have to get through."
  17. either way, I am thankful... but still !!!!! kind of frustrating.... I wanted better seats!
  18. it happened to you too? I just saw someone posted the same thing about TM in their status update. At least we got some kind of ticket. Mine says I will be in "GA03" What does this mean? Is there a better map of MSG? I wonder where Section 3 is? Do you know?
  19. A miracle occurred!! I finally got my ticket but it's on the floor, all the way in the back (I think)

    1. pain_18_


      Have a Great Time !

    2. Bajagirl


      If it says floor/GA and no seat assignment, you can line up/queue up and be right next to the stage,

    3. chris1043


      Thanks everyone. And Bajagirl, Really?

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  20. It's no use, I have to wait until I get home
  21. I'm done trying for tix. Benn at it for an hour and nothing. OMG, I was clicking on "BUY" and nothing happened!

    1. Bajagirl


      did you try the TM app, several people got tickets.

  22. wiat, what? "Buy" appears again at the bottom of the screen?
  23. WHY is nothing happening when I cilck? WHY WHY WHY???
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