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  1. They've recorded everything from, i believe, 1989 or 1992 and it's in the archives/vaults so it could be opened. A great idea, however, it'd be a few years off in my opinion, due to the fact that the footage from the JT Anniversary tours were shot in 8K and 8K technology isn't overly accessible as it's price prohibitive.
  2. Pearl Jam have released 'official bootlegs' since 2000 and there's hundreds of shows they've released. I can vouch for the quality of the Springsteen recordings. I purchased the show from Glasgow in 2016, one which i attended, and the CDs are full professional recordings. Plays like a conventional live album.
  3. Yeah, i'm sure it was to be broadcast in November 2015 but was postponed/cancelled due to the Paris attacks. Strange how absolutely nothing has came of it.
  4. I have that book too. Got it and a few physical issues of Propaganda in a second hand music store.
  5. Music needs to be the first priority. I think there should also be the option that subscribers should be able to buy subscriber gifts from previous years if that makes sense. So for example, i joined in 2014, so missed out on U22, Artificial Horizon and From The Ground Up: Edge's Picks to name but 3. These 3 releases go for £50+ on Discogs. Obviously there will be subscribers who will have these (And many earlier gifts) so it'd be completely optional. The prints in 2016 were great, but i simply don't have the space for them currently.. Also as others have said, the nugs.net
  6. I dont have a problem with the content as such, the issue i have, personally is the format. CDs? It's 2021. think it should be on Vinyl. I'd be happy to pay say $70 per year, instead of $40, to make sure it's vinyl. The 2015 gift was on vinyl. 2017 was on vinyl. 2021 is on CD...
  7. Question - I know the deadline for the pre-order presale is 30th November but is it the same for Fanclub subscribers? Was planning on upgrading next month? Will I still be eligible for the European shows?
  8. Got the e-mail today. Wasn't expecting it as i used the code for Glasgow tickets. Even still, i'm not complaining!
  9. I used my pre-sale code for Glasgow? Will i get another code? Also, i'm in the UK, will the tickets go on sale on TM UK? Stressing out about this!
  10. Got the download and i received an e-mail to say the vinyl had finally been shipped!
  11. I haven't received anything yet. Was starting to worry! Seems i'm not the only one in this boat.
  12. Thanks for this article. I love Pop. It's my favourite U2 album!
  13. I've heard the Croke Park rumour too. Just wish something would be announced either way. I've got a holiday to book for next year! I've provisionally booked a hotel for the end of December in Dublin. Free cancellation if the gigs don't happen! 4 Nights. Double room £187. Happy days!
  14. It's a great album BUT The Killers Version of Ultraviolet is rotten! I don't mind the Killers, and i love Ultraviolet but it's just an awful cover. Totally wasn't Brandon Flowers Style at all.
  15. Haven't had any e-mails yet, but i saw a picture of the vinyl that someone had posted on facebook, there was a picture of a note saying that the tracks were available to download from U2 site. Does this mean we will get a full digital download of it?
  16. I'm looking for a GA ticket, preferably two, but would take 1 for 7th.
  17. I'm looking for a GA ticket, preferably two, but would take 1 for 7th.
  18. Looking for preferably two GA tickets for Saturday 7th, but would take one. So if someone could help me out then it'd be greatly appreciated, i'd be happy to be slightly more than face value if needs be. If anyone knows anyone or has spares themselves let me know. Cheers Craig.
  19. Starts at 5am my time, I wake up at 6am, get dressed and i'm on a train for 8am, so the band will have just finished. I'll check the tweets/photos and then hopefully the bootleg will be posted by tomorrow lunchtime. Also saw the pictures of the Merchandise on Twitter. Accepted that i'm going to end spending a fortune on Merchandise in Glasgow.
  20. Hi I'm just wondering what time the band arrive at the venue? I've got tickets for the first night in Glasgow, but i'm staying in Glasgow on the Saturday night too, but don't have a ticket (as of yet) for the second night. So what i'm thinking is that if i don't get tickets for the Saturday or even if i do, i'm going to go up to the hydro anyway and try and meet the band. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Got the tickets! So excited! Going on the friday night! Canny wait!
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