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  1. So I do not currently have a paid subscription. So do I have until next year's subscription gift is announced to join and receive this gift?
  2. http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/32047-sec-114-view-at-msg/
  3. Based on this it looks like higher rows in these sections may not get full views of the screen....http://rangers.io-media.com/web/index.html#
  4. It would be interesting to know how quickly they got through when calling. Was it seconds, or several minutes later?
  5. With a profile name like "angelofharlemforu2" you should definitely be at the show! ?
  6. Same issue here. I wish it at least gave a busy signal. I’m losing hope of getting into this show.
  7. Sadly, this is probably true. I really wish the band would truly do something like this for the fans ONLY. Hey, maybe someday they will do a run of shows at a small venue in NYC like Bruce.
  8. At least one person on this post won using the app so not sure what to think. I guess I'll just enjoy the music and give it a try if I hear AOH ?
  9. Yeah, I have not gotten through even one time on that contest line yet. Must be thousands calling.
  10. It must have been been a lag on the Sirius side at that time.
  11. Interesting. Someone on this thread won by listening through the app. Keep in mind that the app sometimes buffers. You may not have been running live at that time.
  12. listening now. Awesome. Did anyone catch that phone number to call to win tickets?
  13. I was also at that MSG in the fall of 2005 when they played this acoustically. Fantastic! Goosebumps! Before they played it Bono said it is one of their favorite songs. So I too am bewildered why a band favorite and a fan favorite would be dropped so quickly from the setlist.
  14. Not always. They didn't on the JT tour. But I agree, it happens most times and that is a big part of the problem, as highlighted many times on this forum.
  15. A lottery system is better because it is run by tour management and gives all GA ticket holders a fair chance at getting to the front of the line. This would still allow the fans who police the fan-run lines and attend multiple shows to have several chances of getting a good spot in line. Of course, everyone would still need to follow the "official" instructions for the time and place for lining up. As others have pointed out in this post, a fan-run line system off of the venue property is not endorsed by the band or the venue. The venue sends out instructions to GA ticket holders when and how to line up on the day of the show. bgans, show up early on show day, go to the venue and tell security you followed the rules and that these off-site fan-run lines do not have more a right to the front of the line than you do.
  16. I heard them play Little Things at 2 east coast shows last year and both were excellent! It may have helped that I had become very familiar with this song prior to hearing it live by listening to previously recorded performances. Also, because most of the crowd didn't know the song, their lack of enthusiasm did take away from an otherwise stellar performance. As someone else pointed out, it doesn't belong at the end of a concert. I also agree that it is one of the best on SOE!!
  17. The problem is they are not waiting for 24, 48, 72 hours straight. If that was the case, then most wouldn't have a problem with them being at the front of the line.
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