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  1. Its only boring and predictable if you're going to more than one show or watch the periscopes each night ... I had a little look at the Milan setlist and there's 12 songs that I've never seen them play before ... and they've dropped all the Joshua Tree songs. I've been going to see U2 since 1997 and each tour is different to the last ... if you only go to one show then you'll realise how radical and brave the set lists are compared to the previous tour ... most fans can't afford to go to two shows in a row. I personally can't wait for Manchester show. Enjoy the gigs for what they are. No ones
  2. What was the point of me signing up as a fan club member for presale when O2 have an hour head start over the fan club? I'm an O2 Customer. what a waste of money ... oh and my gift still hasn't arrived
  3. I blame the people who buy from scalpers or resale sites. If people boycotted them then there is no business model.
  4. Does anyone know what time it's finishing? Email says collect wristbands before 2pm and to arrive at Trafalgar Square by 3pm. And for U2 to play for 40 minutes. I need to leave at 6.50 - 7pm because I would have to catch a train to Doncaster because I'm on stage at my own gig at 10pm
  5. How about just putting your phone down and watching the gig?
  6. If that were true, GA wouldn't be $70, though. Most performers charge the same as lower bowl or more for floor seats. I agree ...pretty much all the standing at the front was aimed for the subscribers ... at a reasonable price ... we all had the chance to buy them with our codes .. no one outside of the subscribers had a chance in hell of getting a GA ticket at any of the shows
  7. I think this paperless thing is a dreadful idea and I'm sad to hear everyones dilemma ... I'm lucky that I have the correct tickets for the shows I am going to ... The best way to combat scalpers is for people simply to not buy tickets over face value - its that easy ... if you pay more than face value then YOU are the problem ... I actually like the odd tout outside the venue ... they can be pretty useful ... I've turned up to loads of gigs and bought tickets off them for less than face value or traded seated tickets for standing etc... it should be made law for tickets not to be sold over fa
  8. mine was posted on the 20th January ... Also I needed to sign for it as it came registered post
  9. Mine just arrived ... love it ... looks ace ... as an avid U2 vinyl collector ... I've got all the albums plus lots of 12'' promos and rare stuff this is my prize possession
  10. Hey Mich ... just had an email from U2.com congratulating and telling us that the records are in the post x
  11. Great Collection Mich ... I've got pretty much the same ... I just need the Best Of 1980-1990-2000 and the Wide Awake in Europe which are all so expensive... my 12'' and 7'' collection are looking pretty good too ... though I would love a cheap copy of Ordinary Love ... Can't seem to get it here in the UK for less than £50 ... I wont pay stupid prices ... plus its a bit of a hobby to try and find these records ... so like yourself to win this version of SOI is unbelievable ... will fit in just nicely
  12. GET IN ... I CANT BELIEVE I WON WOO HOO!!! thank you so much for reading my story and picking it out ... I feel ace!!! ... I've had a really bad couple of days too!!!
  13. Looking at arena layout for the other arenas then Leeds and Liverpool arenas just wouldnt suit ... they are more like half size arenas ... Manchester would work ... I also think there is very little demand for U2 in the UK right now ... its really not cool to like U2 ... extra dates were added all around the world except the UK ... says it all to me
  14. Dear U2 My first ever show I attended was U2’s Popmart in Leeds in 1997. I was 14 years old and convinced my Dad to take me. We had to queue all night outside a record shop in Leeds – None of this mobile phone sponsored presale ticket bollocks back then. Come the day of the gig it was pissing it down, but that would not matter as it was and still is the finest show I have ever witnessed. It was Techno-Punk Rock and would shape my musical influence for decades. U2’s 1997 album Pop was far ahead of its time in terms of ideas and production and I was looking for other bands that had the Punk
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