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  1. Thx. ? Indeed, that is the pattern. I suppose I’ll just be anxiously awaiting until they finally announce “of course we cannot forget about the Arizona Deserts!” I think I’ve become spoiled by them hitting us on each leg over the years. But, I’ve total faith that it will happen (at the very least) once for this tour. I just need to find my patience.? I think I left it behind the afternoon sun-stream.
  2. Seems there’s additional dates for cities already scheduled, wondering if anyone thinks there will be any NEW cities announced (It won’t be the same if they don’t come to Phx Az!)...?
  3. Got my email...it’s working thus far.
  4. I just called to see about that and she said yes, it is only by SMS...not via email. Unfortunately. I asked about European accounts...she said that will be an entirely different code to be issued. I lastly, again, asked about guaranteed code (not guaranteed tickets, as that is never guaranteed) and she did say there IS a chance that if the algorithm detects something, someone may not get a code. But, she said that they're not expected it to be a high likelihood. So, I suppose it can happen. :/ hope that helps any bit.
  5. Side note: This is making me miss the days of standing in line for tickets at midnight, outside Dillard's with a seating chart in my hand with "plan A" , " plan B" laid out... and walking out with freshly printed U2 tickets.... (still have the queue line signs for those days, lol)
  6. I just spoke with customer service and was told : 1) if I see green lit "set up complete", it does mean just that. She put me on hold for awhile (when I asked about my JT2017 tx & of that still meant I needed to renew early...) Said I'm lit on her side for a code to be sent. She did say if I'm a paid/active subscriber, I will certainly get a code 2-4 hrs (with a link) before presale on Tues., 14th. *said there has been a glitchs all over w/telephone number submit confusing people (can call and confirm it's the number on your acct, but that if that's the # you've submitted, it's "the one". And unless you want to change it, just hit submit once and leave it). *said the renew early glitch for changing the group presage has been fixed (asked b/c I'm due in Jan & figured I'd take NO chances & just do it now anyways.) I'll let you all know how that goes... *lastly, she said that all the "glitches" were either fixed today or are in process. Their goal was to have the fixed by end of today. Cutting it a little short...but...I suppose U2 is always pushing the boundaries. Even w/tickets! Even with complete assurance, I'm always sitting on the edge, holding onto hope it all works out...and it does. Nevertheless, I'm still sitting there. Just thought I'd let you all know what I heard in my call. So, here's to hope!
  7. Thanks Max...indeed, that would be the most assured verification I'll get ...until I actually have tickets in my hand (phone). Always always always get anxious I'm missing something in ticket "prep mode" each tour...even when it is a par the course (let alone when there's twists & turns like this) tickets routine. When you call CS, to they actually give you full verification that you/you're acct. is totally set to go (or if you're not)? Again, Thx. in advance.
  8. Ok. Brain surgery freeze here (literally). I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything here...if anyone can let me know for sure... I went through set up and it says "set-up complete". Email as "verified". Says "eXPERIENCE" group. I'm not due for renew until Jan of 2018. But, does that mean I neeeed to renew now (North American Tour) in order to partake in presale and is there anything else I'm missing that I'm supposed to do? Does "verified" and "set up complete" mean I'm ready to go? I'm just doubting myself here considering my brain literally is skipping big things as is. :/ thanks in advance!
  9. I have 1 GA ticket available. I plan on going 7-8am, for wristbands...pm me if interested. I'm in from Arizona, plan on early stadium in morning & may stay remainder of day. Depending on how it looks like ga line/queue is really shaping up/of that's really the situation. (The whole "come back at 2pm" is not what I'm used to...I'm used to line all day. Number system, etc.) PM if interested. ☺️
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