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  1. I tried to get tickets for one of the taping but they were sold out in 5 min... I had the feeling they would go at least one nigth!
  2. they go on stage at about 8h15-8h30...That was the average time for the last two shows in MTL
  3. There are several tickets on sale for the two first nights on evenko.com right now ( they were sold out), no GA when i checked. Hopes it helps some of you guys!
  4. A couple of days ago they released some GA tickets on Evenko.com ...if you check everyday you might be able to buy some!
  5. Hi! Does anyone has a knowledge of which side the main stage should be?
  6. I have 3 tickets ( but you could buy only two if you want) for this night. They are section 216, row F, seats 5 6 and 7. I'm selling them 40$ each ( bought them for that prize )
  7. Will it work if I buy them from websites like STUBHUB? I don't want to have any problem with the credit card thing...
  8. I've tried to see if there was any on some youtube videos but I can't see...I hope I won't be disappointed!
  9. Hi! I saw how the screens were on each side of the catwalk...but my seats are at the very end of the arena. I'm afraid i won't see anything since i would be beside the two screens?
  10. I've been in a seat during 360. They were really far but i can assure you, they were shacking because people were jumping, dancing on it! When there is slower songs people tend to sit a little. Overall it was really fun! It's not the same as being in GA, but since it's U2, people are crazy all over the arena!
  11. you make a good point. You would probably get a lot more excited about it than this old fart anyway Wouldn't have said it like that I think music should unite people...not start the classic *was there before you* thing... (sorry if it's not clear, i'm french canadian!)
  12. Good for you! it's going to be an awesome night !
  13. Yay! I will attend both Montreal shows in June :) Can't wait!

  14. As a young fan, i just started working a few years ago and could only get a subscription this year because you need to be 18 in order to have a credit card, I would feel a bit sad that because of my age i could not enter for such a gig...It should be open for all subscribers, if you've been a fan since the 80's or not doesn't mean you deserve it more...
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