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  1. Any other hotel recommendations for the LA/Pasadena area? I'll be traveling by train to Union Station from Palm Springs.
  2. That's too funny! How in the world did you get to this seat map though? When I bought tickets on Wednesday, I wasn't able to select the seats.
  3. Got my email about three days ago, and my print arrived today. Shipping tube was a little roughed up, leaving a small bit of the prints damaged. Other than that, the prints look great. Can't wait to frame them. Note to anyone who may have a sensitive nose... there is a strong scent to them. I'm guessing from the ink used. May need to air them out a bit.
  4. I haven't been in any hurry to get the subscriber gift, but I haven't been in to check out the latest comments... I'm now excited to be getting it sooner rather than later now knowing that they've started shipping!
  5. The HBO special is "live," isn't it? So, it'll be their whole Saturday night show. Is that going to be the DVD or is the DVD going to be a mix of the Paris shows? at this moment, the existence of the DVD is mere speculation... Ah, okay. Thanks. Would definitely love to see a DVD of this tour though.
  6. The HBO special is "live," isn't it? So, it'll be their whole Saturday night show. Is that going to be the DVD or is the DVD going to be a mix of the Paris shows? Either way, I agree it won't be particularly rare... So probably not the gift.
  7. Oh, I didn't realize the HBO special was going to be the DVD. That makes sense though.
  8. Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but I actually really loved the vinyl subscription gift and wasn't terribly disappointed with the time it took to get it. I do own a record player though, so I can understand the disappointment for those who don't. And as for the wait time, I do think it would have been nice to have it sooner than we got them, but wasn't a big deal for me. That said, my subscription runs out beginning of December, so I'm curious to see how long it'll be until we get word on what the gift will be. Perhaps a DVD of this weekend's HBO special? Whatever it is, hopefully those of
  9. Lovely... I've waited all this time for the vinyl, so when I finally went to play it, I realized the belt on my player has come loose!
  10. Terrible photo, but I got the vinyl today. http://imgur.com/FVfmZEq
  11. Finally got the tracking number to work, after signing up for MyUPS. Was hoping I could get them to hold it, but it's already at the post office and set for delivery tomorrow. Luckily my mail comes early so it won't sit in a hot truck all day.
  12. It is my understanding it's too early for that... probably in a few more hours... Ah, okay. Now to just find out where.
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