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  1. got sorted today, standing tickets sold out immediately the one popped up and I managed to get and then an hour later another did so I got my 2 .............. happy days
  2. What a minefield!!! I used my pre sale code that is in my name but as we were using my partners credit card, we booked the tickets in her name as we wanted the billing address and postage address to match. Could this be an issue?
  3. 5 or 6 songs pre Josua tree then into the Jousha Tree. With an encore of 5 or 6 post Joshua Tree to finish . Where this will be tricky for the band is that for 8 songs following With Or Without You they will have to play no singles, the purists amongst us will be in our element however the casual fan may lose interest.
  4. I've just cancelled some hotel bookings for the Saturday night within a 15 minute walk to the stadium on bookings.com as I'm going to Rome instead now. Could be worth trying to get them before the hotels whack up the prcices
  5. took me 10 attempts to get them but finally got 2 GA for Rome
  6. Yeah I just noticed the pre sale fees, why are we paying additional pre sale fees ? 20 euro shipping costs isn't bad at all, I thought I'd read 50 Anyway looking forward to it , I'll have to dust down my old Joshua tree flag from 1987
  7. Just a note to everyone to keep trying for tickets , I got in with my wires code at 8.40 and it said there was only 1 GA ticket left, then it said 4 which then became unavailable , this happened about 10 times then I eventually got 2. Also I'm collecting my tickets on the day, not paying 50 euros to get them shipped to the uk
  8. I'm collecting mine on the day, not paying 50 Euros for delivery
  9. Think I paid 40 euros for tickets for Barcelona in 2009 to be posted to the Uk, there really should be a print at home option nowadays . Surprised they are not using the credit method of tickets, it really does cut down on touts
  10. I know it's a completely different sort of event but the principle is the same. I recently had a pre sale for england v Australia cricket tickets in England, over 250,000 tickets. the pre sale code was emailed out literally 5 minutes before the pre sale started , this was a way of stopping touts utilising them.
  11. I think Liverpool is nailed on, new arena that holds 10,000 , over 30 years since they played the city , their love of The Beatles and the fact the city is unofficially the capital of Ireland
  12. I'd love it if they scrapped the the whole formulated set list concept and do what Pearl Jam do and play what they want, the joy of going to see Pearl Jam is that they play a completely different set every night, so you will see two different shows on any 2 nights , U2 tend to change about 3 songs from one night to the other. Come on boys keep us on our toes !!!
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