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  1. Really sad I didn’t get my bono hug. But I did get my painting of a cherry blossom tree and my poems to him via Brian. Sure hope bono loved it and kept it 

  2. I am crying tears of joy now as I listen to my favorite songs from U2. I am beyond thrilled to be seeing them play Joshua Tree. I am a old school U2 fan first. While I love their new songs deeply, I will always have a special place for the songs from the earlier albums, particularly The Unforgettable Fire, War & The Joshua Tree... I don't know what it is but there is something about the lyrics with those early songs that tugs at my heart strings a tad more than the new songs. Maybe because I have loved them for so long! Maybe it's the writer in me. I tend to give credit to U2 for shaping the poet I am today. I honestly believe I can see into those lyrics and feel this connection to him. Soul to soul... Like we are kindred spirits. I know this is corny, but even though I am a writer, I still can't explain how much I love this band. haha It is about the music and the power it has to change how you see the world. How you see yourself. I have tapped into my inner strengths and risen above my obstacles to find my way. It hasn't been easy. It never is huh? I have overcome things I have never thought I would. I have failed miserably too. But I have somehow found a way to keep climbing the mountain that was never a hill. And sometimes I couldn't make it on my own. But I persevered! And it's all because of U2! P.S. I was the first person to take the labcoat to Joshua Tree National Park This tour is very special to me
  3. Hello Joe, My name is Michelle. I have GA tickets to the LA show at The Forum on May 31st. I am really excited, but have quite a bit of anxiety. I am always on the floor if I can help it. I am very short & have to get as close as possible or I will not see anything. This time, I am coming into LA a day before. I plan to show up at the venue where I think the band might enter. I plan to hang out there until they come in or out. Since I don't have to line up yet, I can get a sense of what the queue will be like for me the following evening. I have been to a show at the Rose Bowl before & some people were really nice., but others were rude & selfish. I ended up behind a girl that had been pulled onto the stage the night before. I couldn't believe she was at the same spot again. Just my luck! It was the kindness of the people I had been standing in line with that let me move up closer to the stage. I have never met U2 & this is the only show I have tickets for this tour. I feel it's my last chance to meet them. I long to give Bono my poems about the band. I am going to laminate them in a card so I can easily hand it to him. Hopefully he will take it. That is if I see him. What places do you think they will frequent while not playing at the arena? I plan to be out in the city to make sure I don't miss them. You didn't mention if we should purchase U2 items like shirts etc. before or after the show? Reason for this is because if there is a mad rush to the railing, then there is probably no time to buy anything. Do you think because of the length of the stage, that it is more likely I can find a spot at the railing? During the Elevation Tour, I wore my U2 jacket with blinking shamrock lights all over it. I thought for sure I would glow & Bono would see me. Unfortunately, he did not. Is it best to have a plan? I am staying at the Renaissance Hotel. It's a really nice hotel. Is it possible U2 will stay there? Also, what time do you think I would need to start lining up in the GA line for this particular venue? Is it possible to show up around noon & still be next to the railing? I appreciate all your attentiveness to this issue. GA is awesome, but can be very stressful. Also, I have a U2 group on Facebook called All Because of U2. Feel free to join my group if you want. I am also working on writing a U2 fan based book. Thank you
  4. I just want 2 GA tickets to any one of the shows in LA. Can anyone tell me if any are going to be available tomorrow? I have my presale code all ready to go. Will it be smoother than Thursday's presale? I am so worried they are all gone
  5. No, I haven't even received confirmation of my subscription renewal. I am really stressing out.
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