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  1. We were GA leaning up against the Red Zone South side (Edge's side) wall about 40 feet away from main stage. We had GA wristbands (Got #497 at 4pm when we got there) and could have got closer when we first got in, but decided it was better to be back a bit and were so glad we did to be able to see the video screen action, but still close enough to see all the nuances of the members. Also nice to have a back wall to lean against. We luckily talked to a guy when we first got in who was on his 9th show of this tour so he knew exactly where the best place was. For overall show not sure up agai
  2. If the Forum GA rules say only 500 wristbands are being handed out, about how many people will be on the GA floor at showtime. I can't get there really early (9am) to get a wristband, but hoping to be there about 4:30 or 5pm, and wondering what my chances are of still getting a good spot. Thanks, m
  3. I came across a great interview with the Edge I didn't see posted here (If it was already I apologize); https://soundcloud.com/1021theedge/alan-cross-with-the-edge-of-u2 Update :Nevermind as I see now it was posted already
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