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    Washington D.C. Vertigo
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  1. i thought 7/11 Boston was the best sounding rock show I have ever been to...the band was enjoying themselves. I was more disappointed with the lame fans in Red Zone....never again...GA all the way...fans are more intense
  2. I think I will try to swing by the Harp tonight after the show! Leaving the hotel now to go to TD Garden and check in @ 5:15 for Red Zone =)
  3. that is uncanny....we should find all the band members animal cousins...i think Bono's is a roaring lion or a seal =)
  4. my face would melt and i would be transported to a 16 year old version of myself...it would be transcendent...so yes please for the spiritual evolution of the fans!
  5. this! my dream is to hear some of the "deep tracks" every time i go to a concert...those are what i am longing for....i got to hear Bad live and was so overjoyed and i got to hear UF which i never thought i would hear live...so they are highlights for me in my life long love affair with the music and expression of U2
  6. you should belly dance if you get pulled up for that song...just sayin
  7. oh sweet judas.... amazing setlist so far....good energy and tells a story
  8. this song really hits me when i sing it, it is so raw and beautiful
  9. nice how the mix of songs is turning out on this tour....and electric co with original send in the clowns...loved it
  10. thanks bigwave! I love Lucifer's Hands but Crystal Ballroom has a really special fresh sound and I heard that they were considering playing it so I thought we should encourage them!
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