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  1. Well when I go to buy the instant they go on sale, they don't even show up. I actually DID get a hold of 2 the first time I tried, but when I went to pay they said "Sorry, someone else has them, too bad!" Like my friend said, they are supposed to give you like 2 minutes. This shouldn't have happened. That was the one and only time GA even showed for sale. Never heard of Seatwave but I do know StubHub and that's where I see them going for like $400 apiece or something insane like that.
  2. Wow thanks! What really annoys me is that I can't even get the map to tell me anything. This is nonsense!
  3. Now HOW did you manage that screen-shot? I can't even click on the map (like i said)!! And if that's what they cost I can't afford it anyway!
  4. I think so too, maybe my friend and I would be better off trying another venue! I think it's due at least in part to the way they now set up the sale page, you used to be able to click on a section, now they just list the tix from cheapest on down and GA NEVER shows up!
  5. This is the 4th time for me to try at any sale to get GA (MSG) and I just don't understand it, where are they all going?? You're there the second it starts and none EVER even SHOW!! I'm getting seriously miffed!!
  6. I don't know what the hell is going on with the GA tix this time around, but they NEVER appear at the beginning of the sale, who the heck is getting them all??? I still need 2 MSG GA!!
  7. Well this time there was no way I could get GA with the presale or sale, so if anyone has a pair of GAs for MSG to sell for face value please let me know. I'm thinking I may miss this one!
  8. Ah that's good, wondered if it was something like that. Ok so my question is, does anyone have the exact time the regular sale starts? It keeps saying "tba" on the web page. Ok just checked and it said the 20th which I'd heard but what time? Do I just have to keep checking tm? Haha just looked again and it said 10:00, hoping that's local time! There, the tba turned into Nov. 20 @ 10:00 am ET!
  9. I hope NY MSG will have additional dates! GA is all gone... I think!
  10. Had pre-sale code access but no GA for sale, may have to troll the boards for them.
  11. I'm jumping the gun, made a mistake with my screen and now can't use my original code for the pre-sale, hoping to get another one by tomorrow at the latest!
  12. perenelle


    These are old, from the show in Pittsburgh in June, but now that I've figured it out I thought I'd share lol!
  13. Ok yes, this is what I needed to know. We won't be there until late-ish tomorrow, hopefully not too late. MSG we did great, but it was also not as big!
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