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  1. I agree. This is bogus. I am still waiting on both the vinyl and a reply.
  2. Going through storage and all of my old posters when I came across this classic. One of my all time favourite U2 posters.
  3. I'll be toward the back with them. On Elevation tour, I realized that up close we were all jockeying to get near Bono as he moved around and such, and there was pushing, and frenzy... and if you literally stood 7 feet further back, it was completely chill and you could just enjoy the show so much easier. If the band feeds off of that frenzy up front, and that makes them do a better show, then us people a few feet back thank you all... ;-) ^^ This. At a Calgary elevation show my wife and I were right at the front where Bono spent a lot of time. It was chaos. Especially when these drunken b
  4. That sucks. I feel like I got lucky with two GA's for May 15. Sorry you missed out. I'd be choked as well.
  5. I just bought GA's for Vancouver II a moment ago in the Innocence pre-sale. Couldn't be happier!
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