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  1. Folks, all this begs the question: since pre-sale is supposed to be a "membership" benefit, how can it be called a benefit if we don't actually get it??!!!! No tix for me. No tix for a group of my friends who have been members for eons!
  2. Phone app let's me through. But now it's saying there are no tix available.
  3. Now there are NO TICKETS AVAILABLE!!! Gotta say, this will be an excellent opportunity to put my legal degree to good use. Here I come Ticketmaster!! Here I come!
  4. Like I said earlier, who is ready to go after Ticketmaster. Unfortunately, in today's world, it takes litigation to make someone take notice and do the the right thing!
  5. Anyone interested in filing suit against Ticketmaster?
  6. This is nonsense. I actually had tix ordered! Press the buy button within the appropriate time frame. And nothing! Nothing !!!!!!!! Then I try again. Get the tix I want "GA". Press buy. Goes to next screen. Press continue...then nothing!!!!! WTF???!!!
  7. It gets better. i just looked back at the ticketmaster website. It tells me I have GA tix, which I wanted! So I press 'buy" with 36 seconds left and the website does nothing! The tix disappeared as a result. F you! ticketmaster! FU!
  8. I tried too! The website isn't working. first it accepted my code. Then it didn't. Then when it did, it told me there were not tickets available. And that was at 10am. What an unmitigated disaster!
  9. Tried to order my pre-sale tix for the July 23 show at MSG and Ticketmaster website at first didn't recognize the passcode, then it kept telling me there were no tix available and then it would get hung up on the security checkpoint once I get the website working again! Unf--king believable! Something needs to be done! What's the point of a pre-sale and membership benefits if you can't even access tickets - any tickets!!!! What a disaster. complete and utter disaster!
  10. Could anyone explain the differences in memberships (eXperience vs. innocence). Meaning how does one fall into those memberships? Is there a specific timeframe or timeline that dictates? Thanks!
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