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  1. i apologize if this is the wrong place to post but i don't know where else to get help before the next round of general sales.
  2. because i was waitlisted I was unable to buy tickets in the general sale and many other fans are in the same boat. Essentially, Ticketmaster has told us that we are out of luck. As of yesterday, I was unable to buy tickets but as a previous poster said Tulsa is now open and Philly as well. But a bit late because all seats are behind the stage in Tulsa. I've sent Ticketmaster 4 messages and they won't even respond. I dont' understand this waitlist nonsense and getting shut out of the general sales.
  3. Anyone else had any luck with the GENERAL sales? I was "waitlisted" so I am unable to buy tickets for any show. I've DM'd Ticketbastard three times and I am getting tired of having to call them. I want to fix this before the next general sale opens up. I wanted to buy a cheap seat for Tulsa but am 100% shut out at this point. Is there anything I need to do to fix this problem?
  4. its on the ticketmaster website. "if randomly selected" is the same thing as a lottery. I can't even get anyone at ticketmaster to answer my question about the verified fan program. I'm waiting to see if I get "waitlisted" for the general sale again. When should I expect my access code? If randomly selected, you will receive an access code via text message 2-4 hours prior to the sale. Please note, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The first message(s) will include timing details and a link to where you can purchase your tickets, immediately followed by
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