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  1. Join us at Happy Panda for an evening of delicious Chinese food and the musical stylings U2coustic - an acoustic trio performing U2 covers. Details:- Music from 7:30pm - 8:45pm, so arrive early to order food.- Seating is first come, first served and limited to 50 people.- $5 cover fee, cash only.- Meal not included in cover fee.- BYOB, no corking fee. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/705762739815583/ Happy Panda 1116 W Parker Rd ste 300 Plano TX 75075 972.905.5369 http://www.happypandatx.com Looking for local fans in the DFW area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/u2dallas/ (limited to those living in the DFW area only) Looking for fans in Texas: https://www.facebook.com/groups/319499268121268/
  2. i apologize if this is the wrong place to post but i don't know where else to get help before the next round of general sales.
  3. because i was waitlisted I was unable to buy tickets in the general sale and many other fans are in the same boat. Essentially, Ticketmaster has told us that we are out of luck. As of yesterday, I was unable to buy tickets but as a previous poster said Tulsa is now open and Philly as well. But a bit late because all seats are behind the stage in Tulsa. I've sent Ticketmaster 4 messages and they won't even respond. I dont' understand this waitlist nonsense and getting shut out of the general sales.
  4. Anyone else had any luck with the GENERAL sales? I was "waitlisted" so I am unable to buy tickets for any show. I've DM'd Ticketbastard three times and I am getting tired of having to call them. I want to fix this before the next general sale opens up. I wanted to buy a cheap seat for Tulsa but am 100% shut out at this point. Is there anything I need to do to fix this problem?
  5. its on the ticketmaster website. "if randomly selected" is the same thing as a lottery. I can't even get anyone at ticketmaster to answer my question about the verified fan program. I'm waiting to see if I get "waitlisted" for the general sale again. When should I expect my access code? If randomly selected, you will receive an access code via text message 2-4 hours prior to the sale. Please note, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The first message(s) will include timing details and a link to where you can purchase your tickets, immediately followed by another text containing your unique access code.
  6. I am a little upset today. I never used my presale code to buy any tickets for the first leg because it NEVER worked. I ended up buying my Vancouver tickets via the general sale. Now, U2.com customer service is saying I used it TWICE and they can't find the dates it was used. This is ridiculous - I got 2 different responses that were basically - tough sh*t, we see you have used it twice. And how is that even possible? Anyone got a better way to contact someone that can actually help me? I paid for the subscription for the presale code which didn't even work back when the tickets went on sale.
  7. For those of you still looking for tickets and are in NYC, BEWARE of the scalpers. A friend bought 2 GAs for tonight's show and they were counterfeit tickets. They were posted on Craigslist as 5 available for $150 each. The scalper's phone number is 718.289.4969. He will tell you his wife is going into labor so that can't go to the show (READ: I need my meth money). But now my friend is in need of 2 legitimate GAs for tonight. Can you help out one of the tribe? Let's get that miracle ticket to him. Thanks and beware of those scalpers! Joy
  8. Need a miracle: 1 GA for NYC 1 and 2 Can't/won't buy from a scalper nor a fan looking to make extra money. Help out one of the tribe. Thanks! Joy
  9. Good afternoon! I know its a long shot, but I am looking for TWO GA tickets for NYC 1 and 2. Can't/won't buy from a scalper or a fan trying to make a buck off another fan. If it's not face value, don't bother contacting me. Please PM me if you have a lead on tickets.
  10. I have 2 GAs available for June 24 Wed Chicago 1.
  11. I need 1 GA for 6/28, 6/29/, and 7/2. Can't/won't buy from a scalper and no, I am not okay with another fan trying to make extra money off another fan Thanks, Joy
  12. This sister of the tribe is looking for a miracle. Looking for 1 GA 6/24, 6/28, and 7/1. Coming to Chicago without tickets is nerve wracking and seemingly stupid. However, may the universe grant me a GA for each show. I also know someone is looking to trade 4 seats for 4 GAs 6/24 if other people are interested.
  13. And of course, the scalpers are holding at least 30 Chicago Red Zone tickets hostage for $795-895 a pop. I hope they lose all of their money. Jerks.
  14. I am interested if they are available. However, its been a while since i have been on this forum and silly me, i cant find how to message you.
  15. Vancouver 1/2 GA Chicago 1/2/3 GA I know its too late now, but I tried every show possible on TM's app and there were no seats left according to the app for FIVE hours. When I tried on my laptop 6 hours for another 8 hours, I was only allowed to buy seats that were VIP fan or party tickets or in addition to a subscription WHICH I ALREADY HAVE. So, I wasn't even allowed to search for tickets in best available because I kept getting an error saying "all tickets have been sold for this promo" for any show I tried while others were still buying tickets at the same time online. I thought something was wrong with my code but I did cut and paste it so I know it was the right code. TM has a problem with its app for sure. I just gave up after 2 am this morning. And now, you have these $%^**^%$ scalpers already selling tickets on stubhub and craigslist. Very disappointing and not worth renewing my subscription next year.
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