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  1. Totally agree. Something needs to be done. TM has a lock on the tickets and the profits. Sadly, I can't afford to go anymore - the prices are way out of control
  2. I hope they have other dates at the Forum - there is a week between the current date and their next one. I don't understand why they wouldn't announce all the second shows together
  3. I would love it if no tickets were avail on TM or Stubhub and if fans could get access to all the tickets with citi taking the GA tickets or having a higher limit. How can we make that happen? I thought we needed credit card during 2015 tour
  4. Yep! Exactly. The fact the TM makes another profit on all those tickets is definitely a conflict of interest.
  5. yes - does seem to be a ticketmaster scam so that they can resell all the GA tixs. Plenty of them avail on stubhub and other sites
  6. good question. i wasn't able to use my presale code the first time. trying to register again and the page just keeps bringing me to $50 fee again. Hope I don't need to pay again to get tickets.
  7. um except for fact that if you buy tickets (like I was able to last time) you will have to 'renew' again to get in line to purchase tickets again rather than let your full year run out, just like many people had to do this time. Fact is there is a better way to make certain that scalpers don't buy rather than fans and it isn't a $50 surcharge to fans because the scalpers are signing up also and their tickets are all over stubhub and on ticketmaster's 'resale' site both of which charge huge percentages and profit handsomely from resales so unless it is made illegal to basically profit off an a
  8. Yes totally agree - $50 per and no guarantee of seats - Capitalism at its worst
  9. Hey Everyone - I couldn't get NA tour tixs and don't want to succumb to StubHub rip off prices. Anyone know when the 2018 European dates will be announced and if our codes will work for them? Thanks!
  10. Ticketmaster doesn't have a great system and often although you ask for specific section they try to give you other seats. Being in innocence wasn't helpful- I paid my $50 renewal too late - Los Angeles had no good seats avail (except for $600 range) - but there are currently 94 GA tickets avail on StubHub. Still don't understand why resellers are allowed to exist, though not helpful when Ticketmaster is always encouraged its' buyers to use their very own resale site. Still fixed against the fan.
  11. Great concert but get it together guys. The bathroom situation on the floor was horrendous. Line of over a hundred people while there was an empty bathroom a few feet away that was blocked off. Vendors walking around selling beer but no where to pee. Been to 15 shows all over the world and never seen a line like this.
  12. Rome RZ was gone this morning. Couldn't get it
  13. they are 70 euros plus fees- i paid the 30 euros for delivery though not clear if they are mailing these out. The Italy site is always difficult for americans to maneuver through
  14. no seating chart but fyi get the tixs that say PRATO if you want GA floor
  15. anyone have the seating chart for Rome? thanks!
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