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  1. Told me on the email that i must present the card i used for transaction aswell as photographic identification.What happens though if you no longer have the card?,like you have a new one with new numbers etc or maybe you just got rid of your credit card.
  2. Keep getting asked if you subscribe to u2.com just now would you be able to get tickets in the presale?
  3. Got my tickets GA for both shows,buzzing! I had a feeling i wouldn't be able to get GA as they'd all be gone as it's not the biggest capacity for standing compared to most big arenas.
  4. i'm pretty sure Hampden 360 tour wasn't a sell out,If i get a ticket for The Hydro then that's way better than Hampden,arenas are better for gigs than stadiums.
  5. am i right in saying though that if your account had expired before or on september 9th and you've only just renewed the same account post september 9th then it wouldn't matter you'd still be in the 2nd presale on the friday as you weren't a fully paid subscriber on the 9th like it's been specified?
  6. i'll be on the latter presale on friday but highly doubt i'll get GA tickets for Glasgow as i reckon they will all be snapped up on the presale tomorrow as it's not the biggest GA section for an arena really.
  7. Oh well i'll be on the friday then....i was a paid subscriber too since like 2004 and propaganda beforehand but gave up membership 2 years ago i think as had issues with credit card but re subscribed in October.....still at least i've got presale....are we actually guaranteed tickets like last tours? or just have the opportunity to take part in the presale?
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