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  1. I'm daniDpVox on twitter & instagram 👋💚 
    1. mariated


      Hi ....I am tedeschi38 on istagram. Nice to meet you..

  2. Bono was in front of me, I will never forget that look 😍😭❤
  3. Adam Clayton in Milan, october 11,2018 during the U2eiTour... what a show!!! Happy birthday my dear Adam! #AdamClayton60
  4. Adam Clayton at the Twickenham stadium in London, july 8th 2017 during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Happy Birthday Adam!!! #AdamClayton60 Best wishes to him who poses for me to take beautiful pictures! Adam signed this picture to me in tokyo, smiling, as always THANK YOU ADAM ☘💚
  5. Thanks to U2community for retwetts and thanks to U2 for your attention! All your fans are excited and eager for the new tour ! You are always so close to us ! Thank you! and thanks to Angelo noodlesu2 that prompted all this effort in us fans ! U2 are in the history since 1980, more and more !
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