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  1. I think it's just a ticketmaster bundle offer. If you don't buy through them, no CD. Hopefully your ticket prices were a little lower.
  2. I'm a little confused about the physical vs download as well. On the CD redemption screen, you can choose how many CDs you want (it defaulted to 2 for me). I changed it to 1 so I could use the other for a download - based on the wording on ticketmaster, I believe we will receive another email after/on Dec 1 to let us redeem for a download. But, after submitting my redemption for one CD, I was shown a screen to SHARE WITH A FRIEND where I can enter an email address. It says, "You can share this album with 1 friend." Is this the option to download - i.e. will it send a download link to the email address I enter here? How and why would they give me the ability to share music for free? @bigwave or @Max Tsukino can you get any clarification on this?
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