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  1. I contacted them a month ago. They told me the gifts would come in before the end of January. I tried to call them (from the Netherlands) yesterday, I was on hold for 10 minutes, then we struggled through my name, email address and order number. The rep subsequently said to wait for a minute or two and put me on hold. After about 10-15 minutes (having been on the phone for 30 minutes at my expense) I put the phone down without getting an answer.
  2. Still waiting for my "gift" to arrive for the 2019 subscription. I feel very frustrated.
  3. I ordered my 2019 fanclub subscription in October and am still waiting or my fanclub gift. I rang the customer service department several times, but it seems they don't care. In january they told me that the gift would come back in stock before the end fo the month, but it is still showing as backordered. So i rang again today. I had to call the regular phone number, as I live in the Netherlands. I was on hold for at least ten minutes before I finally spoke to someone. After going through the hassle of spelling my name and email address time and time again, he told me he was going
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