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  1. I.m from Ireland heard the rumours of 4 dates but when only 2 dates came up for Dublin was afraid they won.t announce any more . So got Monday tickets in 3 mins this morning delighted but would have loved sat date . To my shock at 4 today they announced the 3rd and 4th date . As a long term subscriber I had only a choice of 2 dates . Now the innocence group have all dates to pick from . Bad form from u2.com they would want to start looking after there long term subscribers more . Very angry at what they did today
  2. Any news or rumours of Dublin dates for 2018 ????
  3. I.m from Ireland and in the experience group . I think u2.com should go on how long people are in the fan club and guarantee them tickets or the best seats . We pay 40 dollars to join plus ticket prices . Can.t understand why they don.t go on how long ur membership is for tickets
  4. Just enquiring did any actual Irish fans get any red zone or hot seat tickets in the presales for Croke park just curious to know !!
  5. Thanks . He looks cool in this alright . I have another pic somewhere of him driving his Harley . If I find it I.ll post it up
  6. Thanks . He looks cool in this alright . I have another pic somewhere of him driving his Harley . If I find it I.ll post it up
  7. He's young in this pic . I think it's 1987 if I can remember .
  8. Karenk15

    Larry the biker

    Larry , Bono and Guggi use to come down from Dublin a lot for the bike shows . Really nice guys .
  9. Was on Wednesday presale at 9 got in start away had the sliver hot tickets nowhere to put presale code so keep going got to complete and my bloody bank looked for a 3D secure code never happened before . Had no code time ticked away so then went into get them again they were gone . End up with good seats in 305 but was tramatised at my experience panic
  10. Karenk15

    Larry the biker

    That was taken years ago . When Larry use to come to my hometown for a motorbike show . Himself , Guggi and a few others use to drive down from Dublin on there Harley's .
  11. Karenk15


    Not really good at putting photos up lol This was in a bar in my hometown when Guggi came down from Dublin to visit us .
  12. Karenk15


    The other lady !!!is a famous drag queen in Ireland called Panti bliss aka Rory o neill .
  13. Karenk15


    Her name is Imelda May she is an Irish singer from Dublin . She is a very talented singer you should check her out online .
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