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  1. I.m from Ireland heard the rumours of 4 dates but when only 2 dates came up for Dublin was afraid they won.t announce any more . So got Monday tickets in 3 mins this morning delighted but would have loved sat date . To my shock at 4 today they announced the 3rd and 4th date . As a long term subscriber I had only a choice of 2 dates . Now the innocence group have all dates to pick from . Bad form from u2.com they would want to start looking after there long term subscribers more . Very angry at what they did today 

  2. 38 minutes ago, Asyska said:

    If anyone got screwed here royally its the Experience Members that did NOT get a code. How do you do that to the members that have been here the longest? They gave Innocence members (people who could have signed up yesterday for the very first time) a chance to purchase tickets before members who might have been here since U2.com inception. That makes absolutely no sense to me. I was a member of Propaganda magazine where you had to mail in your ticket request order with a money order for crying out loud. A real disservice to the members that have been here the longest and quite frankly I am shocked that a decision was made to allow Experience members to possibly not get a ticket purchase opportunity. Still shaking my head....

    I.m from Ireland and in the experience group . I think u2.com should  go on how long people are in the fan club and guarantee them tickets or the best seats . We pay 40 dollars to join plus ticket prices . Can.t understand why they don.t go on how long ur membership is for tickets 

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