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  1. £425 down for two seating tickets. Not the best, but it's something. At least I get to see them again!
  2. I want red zone or seating. The problem is to get the red zone tickets you have to click on the standing tickets option, if they don't have any then will I have to start again to get onto the seating tickets option and lose my place? I doubt very much there are any RZ left though.
  3. I am starting to think that being in the innocence group will lead to nothing but awful nose bleed seats.
  4. I just realised I am in the Innocence group so won't be able to buy them until the second day. I am guessing any Red Zone tickets will be gone by then and probably most of the decent seats?
  5. Yes, I will be at work. I am hoping that it will be very quiet and my manager won't mind me sneaking out for a bit at 10.00am.
  6. Very excited to see this! Just so I am clear, I will need to go ticketmaster to buy the tickets and enter my code?
  7. I could only get Level 22 seats. They cost enough, is it a decent enough view?
  8. Yay! got two tickets for London and a £370 credit card bill
  9. I am in the waiting room. All RZ sold out like I thought. At this point I just want any old ticket. Having a panic attack over here.
  10. I am not going to sleep tonight. I am really panicking. I can't manage waiting in a line and don't want crappy seats. There will probably be nothing left for me and I will have to miss out on the tour.
  11. And 10.00am tomorrow for those in the 'lower' group.
  12. I am really worrying that there will be no tickets left tomorrow for London. What do you think the chancers are of getting decent tickets? I guess RZ is well and truly sold out as well.
  13. And I believe it is 10.am Europe time
  14. I am just hoping there are some tickets left for London tomorrow. Not holding out much hope though.
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