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  1. Why would anyone get there 12 hours before the gig? I’ll turn up at about 7/30 and get within 10/15 feet of the small stage as I did in 2015 5 times!!!
  2. Seems to have stopped for the time being if it starts up again I'll get back in contact thanks for all your help guys
  3. Can't seem to do that can you give me an email address and I can forward it on
  4. I will try but not sure how to do it on an iPhone ive had 10 in the last 4 min!!! thanks
  5. Is anyone else receiving multiple emails from zootopia concerning ticket sales for the tour there is no content to them and I am receiving them at the rate of 1 a minute its driving me mad how do I stop this HELP
  6. I do My bank balance has told me so Just make sure you renew U2 .com subs for second leg presales
  7. I don't think this is the end of the tour Just half time Watch this space Has been magnificent though
  8. Last night left my seat at 10-15 on concourse at Waterloo at 10-40 13 minutes on tube
  9. Your quite right Monica just not clear if he wants one or two for Dublin 4. If it's only one then there might be a spare somewhere along the line although he said swap not sell
  10. Amazing People going mental because they couldn't get a ticket and no ones taken you up on your offer?
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