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  1. personally i agree what most of what u said thou i would like 2 albums before they went one being an accoustic of there greatest hits with an intimate tour small venues yeah i know tickets would be like gold thou maybe 2 to 400 thousand venues small stage maybe the size of the b stage then go out with a bang full world tour everywere not just london every city with a stadium i myself think they did 360 just to soon thats the one i would love to see them retire on big bold beautiful to me that tour was the stage show peaked would take hell of allot to top it..
  2. Depeche mode are close to it in there own right maybe not as media fronted thou as far as being on top and making albums depeche have a massive fan base all over Europe and America and are still going strong.
  3. just wondering how peoplw got on today getting ga tickets and so were did u get them for as i want to try in the morning.
  4. maybe a stupid question if u are email verified is that you a verified member for ticket code as i never verified because i was waiting on european dates.
  5. i phoned the help line last night the told me to disracard the set up for now and when dates for the uk are announced they will have something in place for us to complete set up so heres hoping that will be the case..
  6. has anyone registered on the american verification who is waiting on the uk dates or will there be a verified member page for uk seperate to complete the pre sale set up i donr no if i should complete it just now and my code will still be good fo the uk dates
  7. still cant figure out why no scotland the band has basically never missed scotland form way back even the vertigo tour they hadnt added dates in the initial dates release but they still managed to fit 2 days in out of the blue announced one week and played the gigs the next week selling both nigts out instantly everything nowdays is all about london with most bands im a big depeche mode fan also they have done the same one night in london all a bit unfair i think to fans that have never miss...

  8. can someone please tell me if u know if ur tickets are pitch one or pitch 2

  9. and can anyone tell me how u no if u have pitch one or pitch 2 ga tickets

  10. on my own ticketmaster account at 9 0clock no ga tickets tried for 20 minutes no matches clicked on the u2 page and i got tickets makes no sense if its saying theres no tickets for 20 minutes then another page u get them maybe try clicking on the link here people if ur trying seems to work better.

  11. was just wondering if everyone who tried for london today for standing was succesful really hoping for standing tommorrow presale

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